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I hate on Boston and surrounding areas because of the seemingly inherent prejudices that are still rampant and still in place to hold people of color and poorer people back from achieving their dreams, from finding success, and from enacting meaningful change in the Boston area. NONE of that is a comment on how DEEPLY AMAZING and CREATIVE the people, the artists and music makers, continue to be in this area and region DESPITE everything in place to stunt them and hold them back. To compile a list like this (and I’ll tell you it took time) is just what I personally needed to wrench back some of the optimism that has been gushing from my side this past year. I hope you enjoy this plethora of stunning records that all HELPED me a lot in 2019. Here’s to progressive change for the better in 2020 in the Boston area and in all other places. If you’d care to join me in writing about underground music here @ the Hassle get in touch: dan @ bostonhassle .com /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Willie Loco Alexander and The Fishtones – Aqua Vega
A fantastic record in the ashes of a curious career that collided with punk’s arrival and as you may or may or not know my dear reader includes Mr. Alexander serving as the frontman for the final incarnation of the “VELVET UNDERGROUND” on record. YEAH. LOOK IT UP YOU HEATHENS. Anyway, WHATEVER, there’s more strangeness here then you could ever hope for with your “weird pop” band.” Tony Goddess’ presence, he of PAPAS FRITAS glory, probably helps quite a bit. Nice pairing! RESPECT YOUR ELDERS. People are people. Fuck people who don’t respect  people. Fuck age discrimination. I love what is happening here. It’s special. Pay attention losers. “Dear G” yo!!!! Let’s set up some shows!

Anjimile – Maker Mixtape
ANJIMILE is maybe Boston’s LOU REED (with his empathy showing). Anyway, I’d certainly like to hear his raw tales with a rawer band, is a passing thought. But let’s not let that thought get in the way of these songs. These songs, these songs of yearning. This songs of hurt. These songs of a complicated life in 2020. “Pisces” destroys me. Channeling Neil Young on the best of days. ANJIMILE you know I love you, you brought it, THIS hard! WHAT SONGS! WHAT A VOICE (as aways)!

Arkm Foam – Plumpy
Yamaha PSS 570 with Foam @ the helm. Let’s get this party started. If you don’t know who this legend of New England experimental music is here’s a deep and very fulfilling electronic pool to dive on into…

Beverly Tender – Little Curly/boy is a Bird (Disposable America)
The ultimate album by one of the strangest pop groups to be birthed in New England EVER. Apologies to THE GIRLS, and THE MULES, and the 2X4s (from the 80s), and DAILY LIFE, and UV PROTECTION, and ok BIRTHING HIPS, and GUERRILA TOSS and whatever other 30 or so incredible bands I’m surely overlooking right now (leave a comment!), but BEVERLY TENDER was amazing as F and here they go out bonkers with this one and everybody should know it. That’s all. I guess I saw their last show over in Everett, maybe? Special. Amazing band. Will be missed.

Blue Ray – live laugh love
Read my review of “Choir of Angels” from live laugh love on the Hassle site here
Boston DIY’s greatest hope. If Blue Ray had superpowers we would be actually dreaming of them overtaking Marty Walsh and Joyce Linehan in the streets. Beating them back with spectral rays and steering the situation straight. In reality the best we can do is to bash our bodies to the beat whatever it is errrrrrrrr rock’n’roll in 2020. And, and it it may be more valuable than you think.

Body Parts – Count The Dead
Read Chris Defalco’s review on the Hassle site here….
Terrible. Just the worst. Seeping. The best.

Brandie Blaze – Late Bloomer
As raging as ever. Brandie Blaze is my favorite rapper in the Boston area. She’s still mad on record number two, but is definitely showing more sides of herself across these tracks, letting the people know the amazing person that she is a little bit more. This is only the second chapter, where does this story go Ms. Blaze??? A Boston hero, if you’re not paying attention now you will be eventually. Grab the record. Also, LATE BLOOMER, what a great and inspiring concept for a record. BRANDIE BLAZE = inspiring.

Brother – Demo II (Atomic Action)
More radical and badass hardcore out of New Bedford. Heather’s fierce delivery & the beastly riffage from known masters really set this crew & release apart from the rest of the pack. The dear departed log lady provides the intro here, ya think she’d do that if this wasn’t the shit???

Camp Blood – s/t (Disposable America)
The angrier these tracks get the deeper into them I get. The second half of the four tracks here is the better half in my opinion. I’ll happily come back for more of the noisier side of CAMP BLOOD. This probably means that they should completely ignore any of my suggestions if they want to be successful as a band. Out on Disposable America.

Editrix – Talk To Me
Read my review on the Hassle site here
“This here is an EP, thus slight by its nature. Surely this does not stop it from being a bomb listen though. I actually think I caught this band’s first show over @ DAP sometime in 18′. It was a sweet experience to catch thee Wendy Eisenberg, guitar goddess, step behind the mic to front a twisted power trio of a kind. I didn’t know the drummer (Josh), but the bass player Steve was known to me, having lurked in these parts for some years in terribly wonderful bands like Charlie, and Tortured Skull. The trio totaled the audience that night it should go without saying.

Fast forward however long and EDITRIX is finally releasing something. 4 songs, but the vibe and shred of that night I caught them is contained within. The balancing act of the aesthetic is sickly sweet pre-corporate 90s indie rock (aka post-punk) and that of more modern art pop tricksters who aren’t working strictly for digital record sales. That’s not to say that the people won’t be able to consume these sounds, just that there are far more digestible bites out there (though far less nutrient filled, and surely prepared with far less technique).”…
Read the rest of the review here…

Ruth Garbus – Kleinmeister (Orindal)
Read my review on the Hassle site here
“Released during the August of my discontent KLEINMEISTER isn’t even a month old but I already feel like it is a part of me. The highs and lows of Ms Garbus’ melodies though strange and beguiling feel warm, and somehow already familiar to me. It’s as if these melodies have intertwined themselves with my tissues, my ligaments, like machine and flesh hath with the Borg. Of course the process is less invasive here than there, but you see what I’m saying.

I’ve taken a deep dive in the waters off of KLEINMEISTER. “Pitiful Poetry” is one of the deepest trenches in those parts. It’s a sad and lovely dive. You can see the sun’s rays through the growing darkness. The serenity is mesmerizing. The guitar and vocal interplay reaches out to me, never reminding me that I’ve never actually gone diving in my life, only generating dream-like serenity for these few moments. And at 3:16 a gospel-folk epiphany.”
Read the rest of the review here…

Golden Slugs – Government Slugs
Punk from W Mass sung in Chinese. Gravel voiced bark and workman-like 90s streetpunk meets NYHC throttle is the elixir that makes this thing tick. I love this, ok? Try on “Liar.” Not a cover.

Forbes Graham – Lagos Playground
Field recordings and noise from one of the area’s hidden, embedded masters. Forbes Graham is a trumpet player by trade but it seems like he’s been slowly sinking into the electronics swamp of the advancing age, and here you can hear it loud and clear. Rhythmic noise for clearing out your head forever. Still can’t believe I didn’t make that Non-Event city hall show he played w/ Kate Village earlier this year. Sigh.

halfsour – Sticky (Disposable America)
Often angsty power pop going on years of being on the short list of the best in the city. They rip. Hell of a band. I don’t book as many underground pop shows as I used to, but bands like halfsour make me wish that I did. If you have guitar rock genes in your DNA, if late 80s & 90s melodic indie rock before the term stopped meaning anything, means anything to you… well then you should get on this. If you haven’t already. “Built-In Guilt” is a very good song . Rumbling, pitch perfect sour pop. Tart af. At minimum half sour.

Houndsteeth – Stain Your Tongue
This band split my skull open with their music, and that is what I’m looking for folks! Bringing it back to folk music, roughly but injected with so many twists and turns. The magic of an experimental music above my pay grade. Guitar playing of an exquisite variety. A freedom and an openness to experimentation generally that is just rare, and even rarer in quieter music. Wonderful vocals also with a bent for experimentation. Strange arrangements, and ideas about what song structure even is! HOUNDSTEETH. “Pay No Mind” is a massive track, just swimming in my mind for days and days. “Sposed2” Hell yeah. I’m in.

Ill Addicts – “YSL”
On the look out for another album from this crew, one of Boston’s most ebullient hip hop groups of recent vintage, but in the meantime I’m listening to this jam over and over again. Accordion sample mmm. Thank you.

Kadeem – “World Sport”
Some of the densest hip hop year after year coming out of Boston is coming out of Mattapan and Kadeem is responsible. Many moods expressed throughout this record, but don’t worry about that just yet. Close your eyes, get comfortable, and let Kadeem and his extended crew take you on this musical journey. Flow and production melding like peanut butter and jelly. Underground hip hop delight.

Kremlin Bats – “Melody”
One shot single from DIY pop mainstain in these parts Jim Leonard, aka KREMLIN BATS. His WEEN is showing and I for one always appreciate when he shows it to us. More-a-that please.

Lady Pills – Pink Void
Rock lives in the capable hands of bands like LADY PILLS. They’ve been doing it right for years now, weaving beautiful harmonies together with a perfect blend of gorgeous guitar playing and blasted noise. PINK VOID is more proof of this concept, one that makes them one of the best bands in Boston year after year. “Moving” is the mother track for me from this set, LADY PILLS encapsulated taking it to the limit and then cutting it for the closer. I look forward to every release.

L’eclipse Nue – Hartford (above stream is not the album in question, which isn’t available for streaming sadly)
Down in Connecticut (at least Hartford, CT) it sure sounds like there’s some bad shit happening. At least if you listen to L’eclipse Nue enough. This long running industrial noise project is harrowing to say the least, and magnificent to these ears. Some real sound sculpture and craft happening with this project which blends found sounds and all manner of noise into a something. A something that I hope I never meet a physical representation of. “Object Memory” is a dense journey presenting us with an ambient field that gets leveled to dust at various intervals. This whole album is a pretty fascinating listen. I also rather enjoyed “A Lasting Stain” which is a nasty nasty thing that bothered me a good deal at the time of my listening.

Live Skull – Saturday Night Massacre
A little stretch on the local here I know, but if the inclusion of THALIA ZADEK don’t make this local then I’ll see myself out. Anyway, if you don’t know, you can look up how sick LIVE SKULL were in their heyday. This is one of those rare let’s get it back together cuz look! THEY’RE DOING IT TO US AGAIN where it ends up working. Great tunes, great collaboration, great recipe for some-kind-of-rock that is so very listenable to over and over. Let’s get a Boston show going please.

Loretta – Bleach My Brain
Garage punk like I want it. Like I need. Man this town’s turned out a lot of shitty garage rock or whatever. Glad to not be listening to that when LORETTA is on. Perfect Boston garage punk reference of a name for this best new band doing this sound in town! Rippin’.

L U C Y – Cooper B Handy’s Album Vol​.​6
Electronic pop does not come more eclectically than in the form espoused by Cooper Handy of W Massachusetts. Tales of love and life filtered through a hip hop and pop knowing worldview that isn’t afraid to go down the back alleys, to curl up into balls, and to stay in bed for days. But then there is also EBULLIENCE! I’d like to thank LUCY for taking this shit outside, and I’d like to thank LUCY for this album, “Haywire” is a special one among a set of special ones. Feeling that bass, feeling a bit haywire myself. Looked at my phone during the song. Scolded myself for doing so. Looked again. Scolded again. “Involve With Life” is another favorite here. So many favorites though. While you’re at it dip into the back catalog ya’ll.

Mal Devisa – kiid
Western MA underground experimental rock/soul queen keeps pumping out the good stuff. Ballads and noisy bangers are both present and it’s all very good because MAL DEVISA always keeps it exciting. Really, with each and any song the music could go in any direction with MAL DEVISA and that’s what makes me a huge fan. “Live Again” and “Fat”, two mid-album songs are my top two from this collection. Opposite ends of the spectrum song-wise, and great. Check out her dense back catalog while you’re at it.

Mangled – Demo
Read my review on the Hassle site here
“Lively as fuck thrash attack from right here in Boston. MANGLED releases some molten thrash metal across their 5 song demo which was released a few months ago now. Most of the tracks hover around a minute long and can be likened to a kick in the face, with elements of crust. The guitar playing is scorching, bursting into flames from time to time. The last track, my favorite of this batch, is pretty raging. “Feast of the Nocturnal” they call it as I raise my fist to the sky and it sprouts horns.”

Merci D – Redline EP
Read Hassan Ghanny’s review on the Hassle site here
One of the most banging rap records I heard come out of the Boston area this year, with “617” being I’m pretty sure mine and many other’s hip hop anthem of the year, and lest we forget that Merci D brings it live. Dorchester born and fierce I am with you Merci. I can’t believe this is her first record. Wow.

Mick Beth – I’m Baby
Bombastic and totally body wrecking and intoxicating and my favorite any kind of Boston hip hop record of the year. It’s mean and it’s ugly and it means it all and it doesn’t care. But it cares a lot and Boston is never going to contain Mick Beth so I hope some of ya cherish them while they are here. I am certainly am doing so.

Mini Dresses – Heaven Sent (Joy Void)
In MINI DRESSES you have the best pop band in Boston. They destroy all fake comers, of which Boston is cheezy full. And they chill and make great pop music. I will call it “underground pop” music because of its inspirations and because of how the band goes about selling it. All of this is to say that MINI DRESSES is A #1 in my book. Everey record they have put out is stunning. HEAVEN SENT is no abberation. Check the title track for instance. What am in heaven? An indie pop soul coated dream made just for me? Surely not. Yet… My goodness. My god?? J/k no god here. I did not include the “other” MINI DRESSES bands on this list only because I may be perceived as a fanboy, but I assure you that the records that they put out as DEE PARTS and SPLITTING IMAGE are fucking so fantastic as well and I know that none of these bands are just Lira & Caufield and I mean no shade!

Moisturizer – Legibly Raw
Maniacs from Providence doing it the best they can, and they are the screaming monsters of the game. I guess I don’t listen to too much grindcore in deep reality, despite having a deep, unholy affection. But the grindcore that I want to be listening to sounds exactly like MOISTURIZER, so learn me on who else to listen to cuz I’m really fine with mostly just listening to them and BRAIN FAMINE and few others tbh.

Joe Mygan – Ergo Cue (Moon Villain)
Daydream electronics for the drug crowd, or the drug simulation crowd, or the Joe Mygan is my hero why can’t Joe Mygan put out more records crowd. The tides of energy ebb and flow and the tide pools left behind are filled with static and other glistening examples of electronic detritus from the sea of electronics and Mygan jumps from pool to pull manipulating the detritus and ERGO CUE is the result. And I bend my ear, as curious as ever.

Dew Myron – Stranded In Canton
Newer crop underground pop songwriter extraordinaire Myron nails it again with this 14 song batch of shaggy indie-something-folk-rock-pop nice-ness that is undoubtedly chock-a-block with some of the best underground pop nuggets being mined in these parts. “Not Too Bright” has been stuck in the ol’ noggin’ for a bit I’ll tell ya.

Nice Guys – s/t (Illegally Blind Records)

Wearers of the garage punk crown in the region (who’s gonna fuck with that? maybe Tunnel of Love for a night…) NICE GUYS get better and better with every single record they put out. They also get just a little more unhinged with each recording. The two go hand in hand in my book. Set your watch by these motherfuckers. Oh, you don’t have a watch? Ask them for the time then maybe?

OG Swaggerdick – In My Durag (Prod. By LDG Beats)
The great jester of Boston underground hip hop didn’t put out any albums last year but he put out a bunch of singles. “In My Durag” is the best of the bunch. I don’t really know where OG SWAGGERDICK exists in Boston’s evolving and more recent hip hop scene, or if he even does exist here at all. He’s here IN Boston, but online is where he may actually, really exist. Nothing wrong with that of course. Anyway, may he live long and prosper because wherever he is, whatever he is, he is making killer music. Love his unique style, and approach to the whole thang.

Oompa – Cleo
Second album from Oompa who has just dropped like a hip hop atom bomb on Boston over the last several years. This is some amazing stuff. Ballads, bangers, introspective excursions into all corners of hip hop. The most striking thing to me is how Oompa moves back and forth between live instrumental backed tracks and electronic and sample heavy work with ultimate ease and complete cohesion. “Work” is a standout. Oompa flow on fire over rumbling bass and haunting piano sample. Great chorus. What else are you looking for? “By You” which features ANJIMILE (see him above on this list) is also such a great song. CLEO, damn, a great album through and through.

Pandemix – In Condemnation (Boss Tuneage/Dirt Cult)
“Brand new release from one of Boston’s top punk bands. As ever the vocal approach sets this band apart immediately, as Shannon keeps the screaming to a bare minimum. This never takes away from the intensity of this melding of hardcore, peace punk, and first wave punk though. As simple a move as this is it’s nevertheless refreshing as hell in the often uninventive world of hardcore punk. PANDEMIX chug and rip through these ten tracks, guitars shimmering fiercely. Another win for recording engineer/master-er of the punks Will Killingsworth. “Downward Trend” is my favorite track off IN CONDEMNATION. A mean slice of hardcore riffage, some gang vocals, a little weirdness, and all of it somehow catchy as fuck. And I can’t overlook “Can’t Assimilate”, a true ripper of a punk anthem. I can’t assimilate either… same for you if you’re reading this I bet.”

Patty Melt – The Queen’s Entrance (Illegally Blind)
Exquisite art rock that does everything right. A very cool band that didn’t last long enough, if their done? Carrie and Travis have left this town at the very least but they and Steve and Andres have left us with killer record here.

Pink Navel – Andre’s Gift & Omer Tower
Read my review on the Hassle site here
I think PINK NAVEL is the most interesting person in Boston area hip hop in 2020, I just wish they were actually in the Boston area. More like the Portland area I think, but anyway this album is beautiful and all the moves I’ve been hearing Navel making all these years it’s just really coalescing and I’m so excited. And wow last time I saw Navel live. Yowza. Amazing record. The vocal doubling is ON. “Open Eyes, Close Eyes”, wow.

PCP and the Knives– Acid For Breakfast
Salem punk specialists making some of the best punk in the region. Brass tacks spittle coming through the microphone August Spies torch bearers don’t give a fuckers. One of my favorite punk bands going right now.

Psychic Graveyard – Loud As Laughter (Skingraft)
Noise rock, I don’t know where it’s at in 2020 as a whole, but PSYCHIC GRAVEYARD is here and they’re fucking doing it as hard as their pedigree would dictate and they are one pummeling band. If you want to get someone out of your apartment really quickly put on this shit loudly. Try the closing track “I Know That Man” in particular. I will have it at the ready when such an occasion next arises.

Pussyvision – Entering HazardVille
Divine experimental electronics from W Mass. More than just exp. electronics actually, PUSSYVISION falls somewhere between that broad genre and the also broad genre of performance art. Incorporating spoken word, and soundmaking, and god only knows what else into their aural concoction. This is exciting and visceral music that in previous years we in these parts may have more generally associated with the underground of Providence. Unleashed. Unyeilding. And full of bumps in the night for grabbing onto, take me for a ride.

Queen Crony – Scrony Body
Allston music school art rockers making it weird and making us all proud. Here’s the document of the madness for the time being.

Radio Skotvoid – Install All (Property Materials)
Read my review on the Hassle site here
“The latest release by Boston’s stellar PROPERTY MATERIALS is this twisted experimental electronic batch created by a Scottish ex-pat up in Salem. That’s RADIO SKOTVOID of course, who has been meddling with electronics in these parts for years now! This is the best release I’ve heard by RS yet. These tracks breathe melancholy, visions of broken, man-made creatures knocking against the limits of their containers, unable to escape their innate (designed) defects. Glitching samples protrude from an ambient landscape creating a modern alien atmosphere most broken. “Memory Lane”‘s got that ill beat though.”

Space Camp – Inevitable Demise (released late 18′)
Read my review on the Hassle site
“Connecticut queercore sludge masters released their 3rd record back in November. It definitely would have made my New England Year Ender had I heard it in time. Amendment! 7 songs, around 15 minutes of absolute sonic wallop that breaks down like this: June Violet Aino – Keyboards, Trombone, Vocals / Sam Usifer – Drums, Vocals / Cameron Lovett – Bass, Vocals.

I love the gang vocals that emerge intermittently throughout the tracks of INEVITABLE DEMISE. SPACE CAMP not only sing (scream) of the tribulations & truth of their queer existence (“We’re proud to not be boys…” from “Damn Right I support It”) but they back it with a most fucked up noise rock/prog hybrid sound. There are traces of what might be called post-hardcore in SPACE CAMP’s noise rock but I’d rather go with something way more fun such as likening them to a modern day version of THE MONKS if they were gay and loved BLACK SABBATH & USAISAMONSTER.”
Read the rest of the review here…

SPNDA x Vinyl Villain – Money Has No Owners
SPNDA has been on the Boston the hip hop scene for many years, churning, learning, baking, and perfecting. Here’s his best album yet released alongside beatsmith VINYL VILLAIN. This is where the heady rap meets the boom bap in Boston. The title track is some fantastic underground hip hop. Dusty samples crisscrossing over a solid beat and sage lyrics that flow precisely. Some of the best in Boston constantly, are you paying attention? Part of that SCOPE crew.

Tortured Skull – Ritualistic Guitar Violence
Rawest metal punk from W Mass lords of such. I love these guys and this a great little record. “Dragged Down” is my favorite. Charging riffage could make you kill, if so inclined. Speed metal with just enough hardcore in its veins for me. These guys really hit a sweet spot riding that metal/punk line, and I’m standing there, and I have beer, and I chug it, and then I puke, cuz that wasn’t my beer. That was somebody else’s goddamn beer. Fuck.

Urochromes – Trope House (Wharf Cat)
One of the best bands in the land as long as they’ve existed. A screwed up kind of punk band (like they do in W Mass) and which also happens to be my favorite kind of punk band thank you very much. Bombastic and insurgent and ready to test ya! Gloriously body moving and rigidly non-rigid UROCHROMES don’t play by the rules cuz they don’t care to know what the rules are all about cuz why is that kind of stuff important? Bikini Kill cover is nice. Feels like an aesthetic updating of 77′ punk with vibe intact at times. No issues here.

Russ Waterhouse – 1 Minute 2 Midnight (Drag City)
Ace Blues Control-ian gets up and goes in a goddamn new direction right here in Massamachusetts. The clock is ticking and Russ knows it and this set of electronic noise is pretty pretty solid in the the mind fuck I was looking for department. 2 tracks both long ordeals if you’re not primed. Let em wash over. I had a time with each baby. A number of times.

Chris Weisman – Kind of Something There
Read my review on the Hassle site here
“A brand new album filled with 30 songs has been released by Brattleboro, Vermont songwriting master Chris Weisman. Rejoice! He is truly one of the treasures of New England’s musical landscape. His output is prodigious, yet the unique flavor of his songs never fails to satisfy. “Everybody’s Old” is the title of this new cornucopia of slightly off, but eminently hummable pop wonders. The first track dug right into my ear and has stayed. “Kind of Something There” worms its ways through its chord progressions, opening up for the verses, and breaking out the “Doo Doo Doo’s” for its choruses. Another shining example of why I always show up when Chris Weisman is cooking dinner.”
I wrote up another record that Chris put out this year as well and you could check that out HERE if you wanted to….

Wimp – Life As Threat
The most ferocious band in Boston put out the most ferocious record by a Boston band this year. Just utterly smashing hardcore punk. Gay or not (Gay) this is the best punk in town and it is stepping right on Marty Walsh’s and the rest of this gross neoliberal town’s balls.

Wound Man – Split w/ Regional Justice Center (Atomic Action)
Read my review on the Hassle website here
“Four songs on the WOUND MAN side. And they are four songs with which the band continue to blast inhuman sounds toward outer space daring all comers to challenge them for the throne. What throne? Eh, you know, it’s hardcore, there’s no kings, blah blah blah, but WOUND MAN sits on some kind of throne, let’s be real. This WOUND MAN side is short as fuck and just about perfect. Riffs destroy. Playing kills. Vocal attack murders. What. A. Nasty. Band. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. MA Glory indeed.”

Xen Chron – Some Tracks, Vol. 1
Read my review on the Hassle website here
“There is a town near Boston, nearly part of Boston, but in many ways existing as its own nether region. A minus world of our very own. I am of course speaking of Weymouth, MA, a place where underground tunnels flow with evil pink slime (yeah, that’s where they got the idea for the movie). A coastal community, with almost no coast, and almost no hope. A place where they are building gas pipelines that will blow us all to kingdom come, and no one cares. This is where XEN CHRON and his music comes from.

Wonky subterranean bunkers jut up from the landscape emitting the syncopation you need in your life. Instantly this is some of the headiest techno that I’ve heard coming out of Boston in some long while. Guideposts for quality include Isabella, Via App, and Hardy and Hughes as Bostonians go, no doubt. XEN CHRON’s techno is often of a more aquatic brand though, or at least my favorite tracks found here are.”

No doubt I missed out on, or overlooked a bunch of primo music from last year, especially from parts New England further out from my home base of Boston. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to hear it all in the near future.

The author himself is in the band THIGHS. They have an EP coming out very soon. He also put out this solo recording recently as WEIRD ENERGY. He’s the Publisher and Founder of this site.

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