Blue Ray – “Choir of Angels”

More sick sounds from one of Allston's sickest


This is without a doubt my shit. BLUE RAY we know and love as one of Allston’s brightest lights (covered in scum so thick that the light barely makes it to our eyes, but I digress). “Choir Of Angels” which I’m going on about here and which has been cast into video immortality by filmmakers Dew Myron (fan of his music too) and Aidan Breen is but one of the tracks off of BLUE RAY’s recently released album LIVE LAUGH LOVE. It’s a a max jam though. Squelcher guitars that want YOU. A rumbling tank of a bassline that is bombastic without ever being overbearing if that’s even a possibility. I am in love with this bass. Thank you for adding this love to my life. The “devil may care” is present throughout but whether the devil cares is beside the point. Whether the devil even exists or not is beside the point. IF the devil exists, and IF the devil cares, this is the shitty shit that the devil is gonna be listening to while attending its holiday partaaaays. Fuckin’ freakkky. Press repeat. Mmm.

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