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A Bit About Some Of Us @ Boston Hassle

In Alphabetical Order…

Mike Achille

Mike Achille

I’m from the South Shore! Hingham originally, but now Plymouth. I lived in Burlington, VT for 4 years while attending UVM and graduated in 2011 with a degree in history and archaeology. I’ve been married for 3 years now, work as a reference librarian at a public library and an archivist/collections manager at a small museum, and am also a Grad student. Music is my passion! I can’t play it, so instead I read about it, write about it, and collect it in all formats. I feel like the DIY community in Boston is very special and I’m very grateful to be a part of it.

Currently I manage the music listings for the Compass and Hassle. I compile all the shows, reach out to bands and promoters, and make sure everything is properly formatted for the paper. I then oversee the uploading of the shows to the website and the subsequent adding of all the appropriate info, images, and music links. I write the music Big 3 each month and occasionally write for the website.

Molly Dower

I’m Molly. Originally from New Hampshire but now living in Somerville at the Potato Emporium.

I’m the treasurer of BRAIN Arts Organization. Anything with numbers regarding the hassle usually involves me.


Chloe DuBois

Planned to be the first exhibiting artist at the Musk Museum of Contemporary Art on Mars (MMCAM). Make sure to come through, it will be worth the trip. There’s not much else to do up there, but the craft beer scene is great.

Down here, I manage Boston Hassle’s art calendar, and assist with all of the other great artsy going ons in the org. Before you head to Mars, get a sneak peak of my work here:

Sophia Nora Giordano

I’m Sophia, a human who makes some fiber art and also sometimes stage manages theatrical productions. I live in Jamaica Plain. You can find some of my work on Instagram @open_tampon, and at most Black Market Flea events.

I’m the Black Market Vendor Coordinator and Gallery Director at the Dorchester Art Project alongside Emma! [email protected]


Oscar Goff

Oscar here– I grew up deep in Templeton, MA, and currently dwell in the hills of Somerville.

I manage, edit, and write for the film section of Boston Hassle and the Boston Compass. If you want to write about movies, promote your own film, or just need help deciding what to see tonight and whose popcorn to eat, talk to me. [email protected]



Eirik Hansen

Born in Norway, but have also lived in Nigeria, India, Texas, and California. Now, I work as a software engineer here in Boston.

I am a part of THE MASS team. I help introduce new volunteers to the org. I also help promote shows with flyers and distribute the Compass newspaper.


Chris Hughes

I’m a Human, Writer, Artist, They/Them / Boston born, Somerville living//

I edit the music section for, distribute the compass North of the River & volunteer at shows. Contact me for music & writing inquiries: [email protected] or @crsjh_ via Instagram & Twitter.


Rumi Ito

My name’s Rumi, from northern California. Currently I reside in Jamaica Plain while working as an HIV/STD nurse (hmu if you need FREE testing). I manage the Compass Distro sites, make ~chill~ posts on social media, and sometimes take photos of things. I have a strawberry tattoo, but my favorite fruit is a peach.



Daniel L-M

I’m a painter, I like painting, and often I like other things too. I hail from Vermont where the water is clear and the air is crisp- we’re kind of a sugar maple cult to be honest.

I do some web maintenance alongside other administrative tasks. Sometimes I write, sometimes you see me tabling doors at a show. You’re most likely to find me at a hardcore show or something weird and funky.


Abby Martin-Ryan

Hello everyone!  My name is Abby and I’m an author-illustrator from CT, relocated to Cambridge.  I have a deep appreciation for the Hassle and the population it represents.  Boston is so much more than classical orchestras and Paul Revere!  My goal as a volunteer is to make artists feel important in our city.

I started as the Gallery Intern at DAP, but I’m striving to be indispensable to the org.  I’m the girl with severe RBF chugging various iced drinks at meetings.  See you out there!


Dan McMahon

Originally from New Bedford, MA. Currently living in East Cambridge.

I help produce our largest annual event, Hassle Fest. In addition to venue and artist booking, I also coordinate and manage sponsorship opportunities for this festival.

Saritha Ramakrishna

Saritha Ramakrishna

Hi my name is Saritha Ramakrishna and I’m a really fun person; originally from Chandler, Arizona. I’ve been living in Somerville since 2015, and I’m currently in grad school at MIT.

I write grants ! I also occasionally contribute content to this lovely website.


Melissa Roberts

Jersey girl who hates Bruce Springsteen. Marketer by day, punk rock princess by night. I tweet therefore I am.

Twitter manager, general kvetching.


Sinai Sampson-Hill

Human woman originally from (the suburbs of) Atlanta, GA. I like to make art, but I’m better at administrating it. Leo sun/Pisces moon/Virgo rising. I have a sick postcard collection.

I coordinate people. I organize things. HMU if you wanna volunteer for us: [email protected]


Lauren Shapiro


I came to Boston four years ago and got roped into staying. I got lucky and started an internship with Hassle, which is helping to fill the post uni void. I like horror films and threatening to wedgie people. Don’t worry, I have zero follow through.


Dan Shea

Dan Shea

Father. Husband. Music maker. Weirdo generally. Music, art, culture champion in Boston, MA.

Co-Founder/ Co-Director @ Brain Arts Org, Editor-In-Chief @ Boston Hassle site


Omari Spears

My name is Omari. I go to a lot of shows, take a lot of pictures, and eat a lot of plants. Those are actually the only three things I do.

I write up “Went There” posts with photo galleries for the site. You can check also out my work on Instagram at @o.shoots


Dan Thorn

I’m Dan. I live in Somerville, where I run a recording studio / music practice space called PINK NOISE. Get in touch with me on Instagram @pinknoisestudios if you want to make a record! Or a podcast! Or a radio play?

I copyedit the Compass.


Tony Tirador

I’m Tony! From NY to Cambridge, I currently go to school at Berklee where I’m finishing a degree in Music Business. When I go to sleep, I dream in CDQ~

I intern for the org to help with booking and production of Hassle events. Find me at the gig……..


Jonathan Vahid

I’m a music lover from Chelmsford MA, and I try my best to photograph the intimacy of live art. My favorite breed of dog are poodles and no one can change my mind!

My role at Boston Hassle is photography in a general sense, but I will occasionally help around wherever I can.

“Keep on rocking in the free world”- Neil Young

…And Many, Many more volunteers! You can read more about us here!

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