The Crew

A Bit About Some Of Us @ the Boston Hassle Collective

In Alphabetical Order…

Robb Beatty

Musician and journalist based in Boston, MA. Writing about music does a lot of heavy lifting for my personality. Grateful to be living right inside one of the best local music scenes. I do a lot of work with the Hassle’s calendar.



Valarie Frost

I’m a poc, queer, non-fiction writer & thinker (she/her). Catch me biking around Cambridge, soaking up some classic lit, or eating a gigantic salad.

I lead social strategy and branding for the Boston Hassle. Reach out if you’re interested in social media/copywriting/graphic design or are just looking to create superb shit! [email protected]// @valariefrost

Oscar Goff

Oscar here– I grew up deep in Templeton, MA, and currently dwell in the hills of Somerville.

I manage, edit, and write for the film section of Boston Hassle . If you want to write about movies, promote your own film, or just need help deciding what to see tonight and whose popcorn to eat, talk to me. [email protected]


Jason Hook

Hi, my name is Jason Hook, I live on the South Shore and collect hardcore/punk records, zines, books and pretty much anything else subculture related. I am a Father, Husband and Labor Union President, Oi! Oi!

For The Hassle I write music related columns and film videos about record collecting that can be watched at

Chris Hues

I’m a non-binary, queer, jewish human, Writer, & Artist from Boston. (They/Them)

I am the music/associate editor of, & coordinate our bi-monthly flea markets. Contact me for music reviews, book reviews, or general editorial writing inquiries: [email protected] or @crsjh_ via Instagram & Twitter.


Dan Shea

Dan Shea

Father. Husband. Music maker. Weirdo generally. Music, art, culture champion in Boston, MA. People over profit.
Founder & Publisher of the Boston Hassle site. Booker of shows. Also a writer, mostly about music. [email protected]



Jonathan Vahid

Hi, I’m Jonathan and I take pictures and videos of things. I grew up in South Chelmsford, MA (SoCho to you locals) and I am currently residing in Watertown. You can check out my work at jonathan_vahid on Instagram and on the Boston Hassle website



Sophie Lou Yarin

Writer, editor, email sender, Allston rat queen.  Appreciator of finer things like $1 record bins and dumpster furniture.
Editor-in-chief of the Boston Hassle.
IG: @lars.sandwich//TW: @theloniouspunk//[email protected]
“I pride myself on the fact that my work has no socially-redeeming value.” John Waters

…And Many, Many more volunteers! This is INCOMPLETE and needs to be UPDATED (12/13/19) You can read more about us here!

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