CRAWLING AROUND MY BRAIN #8: Lungbutter, Regional Justice System/Wound Man, Chris Weisman, and Maria Chavez



Lungbutter – Honey (Constellation)
Sludgey as hell post-punk/ noise rock blend of the kind where you don’t know where one starts and the other one ends. From Montreal, but English speaking, these women have been making this freaking, rocking noise, with the dank poetry riding the waves for years. There’s a blasted out vibe of THE FALL, but after that it’s all LUNGBUTTER. Bostonians (of the underground) love this kind of stuff (at least they used to, I dunno).


Regional Justice Center/Wound Man – Split
Brutality laden trio of songs from Regional Justice Center. WOUND MAN head honcho Trevor Vaughn sings backing vocals on tracks 1 and 3. The three tracks found on the RJC side of this 7″ do not lack in ferociousness, loudness, or maximum hardcore sludge factor. Each track is a beast of hardcore as you would expect from those making the sounds. Riffs and recordings are outstanding. Will Killingsworth had a hand in some of the recording and mixing.

Four songs on the WOUND MAN side. And they are four songs with which the band continue to blast inhuman sounds toward outer space daring all comers to challenge them for the throne. What throne? Eh, you know, it’s hardcore, there’s no kings, blah blah blah, but WOUND MAN sits on some kind of throne, let’s be real. This WOUND MAN side is short as fuck and just about perfect. Riffs destroy. Playing kills. Vocal attack murders. What. A. Nasty. Band. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. MA Glory indeed.


Chris Weisman – Valence With Tassels
One of the New England weird circuit’s favorite songwriting sons is back with another huge batch of tunes (his 3rd this year I believe). The quantity and the quality of CW’s output is astonishing. Try on “Top Down” and get the best BEACH BOYS song that never was and never could be, but still is, and thank goodness for that.I’m talking early BOYS, ya know.

These recordings are filled with all kinds of songwriting surprises. You should help yourself to some listens. “Laments”  for instance is a constantly shifting neo-classical, I suppose, lament, that despite its rather esoteric shape (as far folk/pop songs go) is a devastating ear worm. And that is Chris Weisman’s power in a nutshell. Nothing left out for us flies, fleas, whatever we are; yet we continue to show up anyway.


Maria Chavez ‎– Plays (Stefan Goldmann’s Ghost Hemiola) (Macro)
Electroacoustic sounds from turntablist and sound artist MARIA CHAVEZ who is out of NYC. Here she is literally playing Stefan Goldmann’s Ghost Hemiola, a record which features no sound at all beyond the vinyl’s own surface noise. The results are haunting and engrossing, and you should have a deep listen to this as soon as possible if deeeeep listening is something that you

enjoy doing. The bending of the barely there sounds of the source material into the resultant piece is really something special. It appears that Ms. Chavez is currently recovering from brain surgery. I wish her all the best and a speedy recovery.

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