Space Camp – Inevitable Demise

Space Camp plays an ALL AGES show @ DAP on 2/28


Connecticut queercore sludge masters released their 3rd record back in November. It definitely would have made my New England Year Ender had I heard it in time. Amendment! 7 songs, around 15 minutes of absolute sonic wallop that breaks down like this: June Violet Aino – Keyboards, Trombone, Vocals / Sam Usifer – Drums, Vocals / Cameron Lovett – Bass, Vocals.

I love the gang vocals that emerge intermittently throughout the tracks of INEVITABLE DEMISE. SPACE CAMP not only sing (scream) of the tribulations & truth of their queer existence (“We’re proud to not be boys…” from “Damn Right I support It”) but they back it with a most fucked up noise rock/prog hybrid sound. There are traces of what might be called post-hardcore in SPACE CAMP’s noise rock but I’d rather go with something way more fun such as likening them to a modern day version of THE MONKS if they were gay and loved BLACK SABBATH & USAISAMONSTER.

The rubber band bass, and start and stop riff-age of “Righteous Dollar Bills” conjures thoughts of older GUERILLA TOSS in the best way possible. We get some of that trombone love in “Space Camp Fun Heats Up”, the horn augmenting the heavy ass riffage perfectly. This tune is very evil in its own special way. SPACE CAMP’s music is generally menacing, and confrontational. What I love about them most is their ability to pull this off with distortion or not, with clean piano upfront, or blown out organ.  I can only imagine people lose their mind to this band live. Wild stuff.

Space Camp plays an ALL AGES show @ DAP on 2/28 w/ Picnic Lunch, Freedom Brothers, Blue Ray

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