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PLACES YOU COULD HANG: The Bridgewater Triangle


Written by Rose Parry, this article was originally published in the July Compass

It’s too hot. I’m stuck on the Red Line at rush hour at Park Street; they can’t get the doors shut, and I’m surrounded by sandal-wearing German tourists carrying towels and talking excitedly of der Strand. I think both of our cultures could use more foot-based shame.

For those of us who prefer the darker months, all the laughter and joy of summer in Boston can be a lot to put up with. Luckily, we can to escape to somewhere much gloomier! Massachusetts is home to a shadowy region called the Bridgewater Triangle, an alleged hotbed of paranormal, extraterrestrial and criminal activity stretching between the towns of Abington, Rehoboth and Freetown. It’s known for frequent UFO and ghost sightings, and also features many creatures.

There are several spooky spots to check out in the triangle. If you want to dive right in, why not bring a picnic and a virgin sacrifice to the Freetown Forest? You wouldn’t be the first and Satan will love it, especially if you bring a small Aryan boy!

Amateur cryptozoologists will want to visit the Hockomock Swamp. The high density of the swamp’s vegetation means it’s an easy place to hide, and bigfoot is a shy guy. The swamp is purportedly home not only to bigfoot, but to gigantic snakes and thunderbirds…and no one knows what’s lurking under the water.

Finally, those interested in mysteries will want to check out Dighton Rock, a very special boulder with a dedicated museum and park. Dighton Rock is covered with ancient symbolic carvings whose meaning has never been deciphered, and origin has never been discovered. Only one thing is for sure – it’s creepy, but it’s not as horrifying as strangers in sandals.

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