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Originally published in the November 2014 Boston Compass, #59


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The best electronic music venue in the Boston area is not in Cambridge, and I cannot print its address here. That’s because this venue is a private residence. The space is in Boston, its name already mentioned above. I’m not even going to mention the neighborhood, because I do not want to bring any harm to such a wonderful environment. If you turn to the editorial on the front page (which I also wrote) you’ll notice my repeated reference to social artistic experiences and the spaces needed to create and house them. This underground venue has been an ideal representation of exactly the kind of creative incubator spaces that I am talking about, and for many many years at that! It has birthed countless wonderful sound makers and performers, and hopefully will continue to do so for many years to come. Within these walls I speak of is an art/ music continuum, inhabitants passing through, slowly morphing with time, its constant being an open armed, community minded artistic philosophy. An infectious perspective.
As with all underground venues however, this space is in constant peril, as it is situated in a residential area, and exists, of course, without proper permits or licenses. The denizens of this hallowed hall of electronic, and otherwise over the edge sounds, are currently mounting an effort to better sound proof their space. If you have labor, materials, advice, or expertise to offer them you should get in touch: [email protected] Treat your neighbors well. They may be living in one of Boston’s best venues.
– Dan Shea

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