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OPINION: What Do You Get When You Put a Bunny in a Room Full of Partially-Deflated Balloons? A Very Happy Bunny!


By Ida Rumpus via The Lankville Daily News 

It started like this. We had a big birthday party for my boyfriend Glenn’s 40th. It was a lot of fun– I made him a big clown head. He claims he never said anything about liking a big clown head but, trust me, he did. Many times.

A few days passed and all the balloons started to partially deflate. Well, I gathered them all together in the dining room with the intention of eventually icepicking them into oblivion and putting them in the garbage (such a sad, sad process– it’s murder, really). Anyway, I also figured I’d let our pet bunny “Slips” into the room, just to get her out of her cage for a few minutes. We call her “Slips” by the way because she has epilepsy and actually does slip a lot. Well, Glenn came up with the name anyway. I don’t really like it. I wanted to name her “Felicia”.

Anyway, “Slips” started playing around with the balloons. It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, literally. She would occasionally climb on top of the balloons. Then, she started carrying the balloons in her mouth and running with them. Well, it’s really just those two things she did. But so cute! Just super-cute.

“Slips” is super-gentle too! She didn’t pop a single balloon.

Rumpus suddenly had nothing else to say and the story just ended unexpectedly. 



(Happy Birthday, Betsy Samways!)

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