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I Want to Tell You SO Much About How My New Boyfriend Took Me to See a Pony



by Ashley Pfeiffers

OH MY GOD! I just HAVE to tell you about how my new boyfriend took me to see a pony!

So, we were supposed to have our usual date at the Pizza A-Round. My new boyfriend borrowed his Mom’s station wagon and we headed on out to the Deep Eastern Suburbs. My new boyfriend was telling me all about a new riser pad he had just installed on his skateboard. “That wheel bite was a disaster, Ash,” he said. “But with that new riser pad, my God, my life is so much different now.” I wasn’t sure what he was talking about but he is just SO CUTE. We are so in love.

After awhile, we came to the Round but then my new boyfriend drove right by it.

“Got a surprise for you Ash. We’ll get our pizza later.”


We drove a little longer and then we turned off onto a country road lined by split-wood fences. Finally, my new boyfriend edged the car into a little dirt lot crowded with old farm equipment. Some chickens scurried off.

An old man appeared out of nowhere. He was eating some corn straight out of a can. He mumbled something but I couldn’t understand it.

“This is my Uncle,” my new boyfriend said. “This is his spread.”

The old man spit some corn onto some of the chickens. I almost DIED. I felt so SAD for the chickens.

“Oh, they like it, Ash,” my new boyfriend said, noticing my concern. He kissed me suddenly. The old man mumbled something else incoherent.

“Ash, we just need to walk over this hill– I’ve got something to show you.”

I followed my new boyfriend up the hill. It was steep and slick from the recent rain. “I’d climb any number of really big hills for you, Ash,” my new boyfriend said. I pushed his hair out of his face and kissed him again. We stood on top of the hill kissing passionately. WE ARE SO IN LOVE.

My new boyfriend pointed to a little barn off in the distance. “It’s in there, Ash. What I want to show you.” He took me by the hand. The sun suddenly hit us both as we descended the hill. I was SO NERVOUS!

He led me into the barn. And there, in a little wood stall, was a PONY! It had a pink bow tied around its neck.

“OH MY GOD!” I said. “Is this pony for me?”

My new boyfriend was confused. “Oh, you mean, because of the bow? Naw, my Uncle just likes putting pink bows around ponies.”

I looked up at my boyfriend.

“Yeah, I dunno.”

I spent the next hour petting the pony, brushing his mane and giving my new boyfriend all kinds of kisses! It was just the SWEETEST THING EVER!

“Ash, I’m starving, babe. What do you say we go wreck some ‘za?”

“I’ll see you again, pony!” I called. OH MY GOD– I am just so in love with him.

And my new boyfriend.

It was just the greatest day EVER!

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