Early Warning, Upcoming Boston Hassle Shows

NEW ENGLAND UNDERGROUND MUSIC FESTIVAL (NEU MF 14′) —-> 9/5 & 9/6 @ Cuisine en Locale


poster by Zoard Wells Tyeklar (of Somerville, MA)


Boston Hassle presents:

@Cuisine en Locale
156 Highland Ave.
Somerville, MA

9/5 **6pm – 12:30am**
9/6 **3pm – 12:30am**

$12 – $15 Sliding Scale per day

The time has come once more. The NEW ENGLAND UNDERGROUND MUSIC FESTIVAL rises from the lower depths yet again for its annual frothy spilling of the strangest, most fun, life changing, and most repulsive music makers and performers that are to be found in the here and know within the 6 NEW ENGLAND states as demarcated by law.

CONNECTICUT is represented by the likes of JON ERIKSEN‘s noisy emissions and PHEMALE‘s odd electronic pop secretions and more…

MASSACHUSETTS has the most reps including Worcester/ Boston oddball punkers FUNERAL CONE and the de-evolution meets kraut vibrations of Boston’s LAIR, not to mention the guitar soli beauty of the guitar playing of ROB NOYES. Then there’s MINIBEAST who boast members of Mission of Burma and Providence’s Alec Redfearn and the Eyesores among their ranks.

MAINE is and will always be weird and they’ve sent down some of their finest including musique concrete/ sound art maestro I’D M THEFTABLE and the flying high psychedelic music makers of HIGH SPIRITS.

NEW HAMPSHIRE sends along some true rabble rousers including RICK RUDE, who wield a mighty lo-fi & experimental pop, and SOFT EYES who traffic in psychedelic pop.

RHODE ISLAND, long known as a haven for deep underground sound making does not disappoint as it spews forth TIMEGHOSTMINCEMEAT OR TENSPEEDUNICORN HARD-ON and their out of bounds rhythmic electronic sounds. And don’t forget about Brian Chippendale’s one man thunder revue as BLACK PUS.
VERMONT might be last on this least but they’ve offered up a number of entrants into the fray, such as THE LENTILS, pop shamblers born of the ashes of Happy Jawbone Family Band, and a super group of sorts, GRAPE ROOM, featuring Danny Bisette playing with Joe and Peter from Great Valley.

Boston Hassle is bringing together representatives from New England’s many different music & art communities, as well as some far flung weirdos from out in the various NE woods, in an effort to raise a finger, or a fist (or even some more polite hand gesture) and scream at the top of our collective lungs that New England is WEIRD, INSANE, BEAUTIFUL, and in the end just plain AWESOME. CELEBRATE IT!
And that is just what we will do on 9/5 & 9/6 in Somerville!

– Boston Hassle Shows



NEU MF confirmed performers as of 8/11/14:

RI: Belarisk
MA: Grizzler
ME: High Spirits
RI: Jerome
MA: Funeral Cone
MA: Sunburned Hand of the Man
CT: Florida = Death
MA: Rob Noyes
RI: Unicorn Hard-On
RI: Black Pus
VT: The Lentils
MA: Gary War
MA: Moron
MA: Neutral Fixation

MA: World Domination
RI: Timeghost
MA: Los Condenados
MA: Lair
RI: Mincemeat or Tenspeed
ME: Video Nasties
RI: Suicide Magnets
CT: Jon Eriksen
VT: Grape Room (Danny Bisette and Joe and Peter from Great Valley)
MA: NE Pats
CT: Worn Leather
MA: Curse Purse
CT: Phemale
MA: Phantom Rides
ME: I’D M Theftable
MA: Minibeast

VT: Glitter Pen (Kurt and Chris Weisman)
NH: Soft Eyes
NH: Rick Rude
+ more TBA

The Boston Hassle Arts Organization is an entirely volunteer-run non-profit organization engaged in three main projects: the Boston Hassle website, and the Boston Hassle show curation effort, and the Boston Compass newspaper. The organization’s initial goal is to open up a legal, all inclusive, all ages performance space in the Boston area.


BOSTON HASSLE Arts Organization Mission Statement:
Foster an innovative, compelling, and interconnected music, art, and film community in the greater Boston area through grassroots and inclusive participatory culture.


Send press inquiries (and all other questions) to: [email protected]


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