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Boats is in the house, so we asked them some questions

Join in for the stream on the Hassle Youtube Channel on 5/26 @ 8pm!


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Dan Shea:
How many boats, and of what models, do you own?

David Owen Beyers:
I can’t say that I own any boats, but I did have a Boston Whaler in the family when I was a teenager. It would be cool to befriend a dolphin though. Maybe one day I can swim with them!

How’d this project get started, and how long have you been making this noise?

I started experimenting with guitar pedals in 2004 or 2005.  I got hooked on wanting to make noise music after my friend showed me Black Dice’s record Creature Comforts.  I was super into trying to figure out how they made all of their psychedelic sounds.  I was lucky enough to discover feedback loops while recording with my buddy Lost Boy? aka Davey Jones.  We were recording a record, and he was hogging an 1/8 inch adapter that I used to sample a boom-box.  I saw that a chromatic tuner pedal I was using had a second output.  I decided to see what would happen if I plugged a cable from the input of my pedal chain back into the output of the tuner pedal up the chain.  To my surprise, a juicy sine wave started doing it’s thing.  I’m totally into analog feedback loops, and no-input mixer manipulation.

Are you yearning to play live shows again or what?

Most definitely! Being able to do this video for The Boston Hassle reminded me how fun it is to play live. I also can’t wait to play live with my band Bunny. We are an improv, noise, hip-hop duo. We love to be super spontaneous with the crowd, and get them involved. It’s harder for me to interact with the crowd when I play as Boatz because I’m so focused on the music.

What kind of beverages have you been enjoying lately?

It may sound lame, but I have been drinking a lot of almond milk lately. I’m not much of an alcohol drinker, but last weekend I had a Polish beer called Zywiec. The town I live in on Long Island has a big Polish community.

What projects are you currently working on, what’s next, and what can we expect from your stream?

I’m waiting on cassettes to come in the mail for my album Hydroplaning that I released on 420. My band Bunny is set to release a split called Zoom Zoomba with another Long Island noise duo named Everyone and Their Mother on June 4th. During the summer, I’m planning on visiting Dorchester to paint a mural at my friend’s house! For the stream, I pieced together movie clips, and clips of me playing live. Watch out for them emoji’s and an animated intro!! The performance has a lot of button mashing, improvised effects, and three remixes of friend’s music. If anyone can name all the movies that I used in the stream, I will give them a free cassette!!!


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