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Originally published in this month’s CompassFrank Hurricane is back and he’s got a tip for June: GO HIKIN’ PLAYA!
If you need some holy vybes in your life, It’s time to get out on the trails my friend! There’s lots of great spots around to check out! One of my favorite spots is the spiritual Stony Brook Reservation out near West Roxbury. There’s lots of secrets and holy joints to be found there! In Franklin Park there is unending craziness and fun to be had–an extremely under-appreciated part of your city. There’s lots of freaks out there, so come prepared for the real deal! And if you’re down for a little trip, get up to the HOLY WHITE MOUNTAINS in NH! You can catch a bus from South Station straight to Pinkham Notch at the base of Mount Washington! See you out there! -Frank Hurricizane


The 2014 election for the next Governor of Massachusetts is comin’ up and RIGHT NOW is the time to make sure those candidates are talking about the issues that are important to fostering our creative community, while helping to strengthen our economy! MASSCreative’s CREATE THE VOTE campaign is making sure this conversation happens and that we’re all in on it. What you can do is hit up and sign the petition to tell the candidates that the ‘Arts Matter’ and that the future of arts in Massachusetts will affect how you vote come November. If that’s too hard, text VOTER to +16179345713.-CEEK


New Bad History Month Split LP/Tape + U.S. MEGATOUR
This month the BAD HISTORY MONTH discography grows by yet another chapter. The title? FAMOUS CIGARETTES: a diptychal 10-song split with Bad History’s midwestern counterparts and long-time best fwends DUST FROM A THOUSAND YEARS. Pressed respectively to 12″ vinyl/cassette by Limited Appeal Records/Exploding In Sound, this joint release epitomizes the stark, mind-worn highways that connect these two insurmountably talented bands across space and time. Appropriately, BHM and the Dust boys shove off on an odyssean summer-length U.S tour as soon as the thing is birthed. Catch ’em both 6/9 @Charlie’s Kitchen before they go drifting, drifting into the void. -Zach Peckham


Boston is for Lovers – Movie Lovers
As we enter the summer (much needed after the much prolonged winter), we are excited for the amazing programming our local theatres (Brattle, Coolidge, HFA, etc.) put on. Stay tuned for an amazing assortment of films to duck into when the heat is on. Sun game is real strong right now. It’s also the perfect time to MAKE movies (oh god, that light is so sick). If you’d like to work on a project, Boston Hassle is happy to bring collaborators together. Send us information about your project and needs at [email protected]! – Ari Shvartsman


New Ways To Invest In The Sinister, Holy, and/or Magical
Toot toot! Boston resident alien Fool Diddly here, writing to let you know that I got that job I was telling you about! “Purveyor-in-Command” is my new title for Surveillance Investments’ web-music-shop, recently uncovered digitally at . Their e-camp is set up and ready to peddle all kinds of the finest in new weird, noisy, punk & rock vinyl records. Not sure if you can trust my bosses, but at least you can trust me like honey, honey. Keep an eye on for exciting in-house “label” releases coming this summer, like a new LP from LAIR. 😉 -Fool Diddly


The Compass would be futile (read: totally useless) without its readers. That’s why getting the Compass to YOU is one of our top priorities. As a volunteer-run organization, though, getting our beloved newspaper to your neighborhood can be a tricky task. We’re currently seeking MORE VOLUNTEERS in JP, Allston, Brighton, and Brookline to help spread the Compass love. Is this your hood? Treat it good! If you live near any of the above circles and are willing to drop papers off at just a handful of places there every month, e-mail us at [email protected] -David Blinn


Mincemeat or Tenspeed Drop New Record @Lilypad 6/20!
Providence-based techno noise wizard David Harms, aka MINCEMEAT OR TENSPEED, has blessed us with a new five-track mind-melter WAITING FOR SURFIN’ BIRD on Brooklyn label Decoherence Records, which specializes in “noisy, disorienting, challenging music.” Where previous albums were composed strictly using feedback and loop pedals, Harms’s newest effort incorporates some synthesizers and sequencers for a slightly more expansive and moody sound that still remains true to form with grinding, almost-danceable beats. Join us @LILYPAD 6/20 for an album release show with special guests UNICORN HARD-ON and VIA APP. -Justin Campbell


Hassle Founders Moving Forward with Venue/Restaurant Plan
Dan Shea and Sam Potrykus (they the two founders of Boston Hassle, and this very rag that you hold in your hand), have long planned to open their own music venue and restaurant; a safe and free space wanting to understand and interact with the community that it serves. Recently, this endeavor has gained quite a bit of momentum. Shea and Potrykus seek to speak immediately with any individuals interested in investing in such a project, as well as with any individuals possessing extensive experience in the restaurant and/ or bar industry who are capable of and interested in opening a restaurant/ bar. Email those guys: [email protected] -Bill Conroy


Peep THE THING IN THE SPRING 7, June 5-7 in Peterborough, NH
Each year, deep in the plushest, greenest corner of The Granite State, a dedicated cell of DIY die-hards organize the vernal celebration of music and art known as THE THING IN THE SPRING. Spread across multiple days and venues in the peaceful village of Peterborough, THE THING is a staggering convergence of bands and artists from far and near playing shows and hawking wares for one massive weekend in the shadow of Mt. Monadnock. This year’s lineup includes Pile, Bad History Month, Bunny’s A Swine, MV & EE, and way more than will fit here. Check for full info! -Zach Peckham


Hassle Unearths New Venue, Throws Heavy Ass Fest June 13th
Cuisine en Locale, an eclectic, seasonal sustenance dispatchery situated between Somerville’s Porter and Union Sqs., has just opened the doors of its big ol’ heart to let us host some awesome shows there. We’re reigning our newfound friendship in on 6/13 with a real skullcrusher: SCORCHED EAR will be the first in an ongoing series of rapid fire rockglomerations of strictly loud, heavy, and otherwise ear-frying sounds. Guerilla Toss, Doomsday Student, Spitting Earth, Charlie, In Heat and others from nearby PVD to the faraway UK will be the first to line the walls of this recurrent chamber of destructive noise. Big ups to CeL!!! -Zach Peckham
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