Anybody who has spent some time in good old Burlington, Vermont can tell you that there’s a hell of a lot more to the Green Mountain State than sharp cheddar cheese and maple syrup. Vermont is a culturally prolific place whose landscape and down-to-earth persona fosters creativity and experimentation in music and art. The Friends + Family collective seeks to connect both local and touring DIY musical artists to audiences in the greater Burlington, VT area. And while B-town is the smallest-biggest-city-of-a-state in the country (it’s true!), the burden that F+F has taken on is a sizable task. No one else in Burlington is doing what they do right now, and the underground shows and festivals that F+F hosts are critical to keeping Burlington’s creative juices flowing…even in the dead of winter.

But Friends + Family needs your help: much like the Hassle, F+F is 100% volunteer-run, and they make an impossibly small slice of cash ($10 or less) from each show they book. Most of the money from each show goes to support the bands who perform. But F+F is in desperate need of a PA system to call their own (right now they are dependent on individuals who have equipment), a new button maker to create some much-needed (and wanted!) merch, a staple gun, and a general base fund to draw from for emergencies. So do your part and support Friends + Family through their Indiegogo campaign!

FYI: F+F’s Indiegogo campaign is already technically “funded”, but the initial goal was quite modest and all additional funds donated will go straight to support the organization and the bands it books. And the contribution perks are pretty sick, too. I’ve been crushing on those F+F buttons for months, now…

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