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>WHO?: (OLD) VINCENT PRICE/SEE IT: DEAD HEAT(1988) Directed by Mark Goldblatt



Here is the master of horror selling a cleaning product.
Star of fright fests: the Fly, House of Wax, House on Haunted Hill, the Tingler, the Dr. Phibes Films, Masque of the Red Death, ETC voice of Thriller, and even a film noir stud in Laura. Debonair, and dastardly, few have ever come close to matching the indelible mark that Mr. Price left on the old silver screen.
Do yourself a favor and seek out some of his pictures. You may just become as obsessed with the man as I am! And he kept working until the end making small great appearances in Edward Scissorhands, and the subject of the second half of our post today…
To think that this master of spine tingling fright was hawking this crap right around the time he was working on one of his last movies, the seminal, DEAD HEAT.
Dead Heat is the inevitable juncture of 80s buddy cop films and zombie movies. Some great special effects, as well as some not great special effects. Vincent Price, Dick Miller, Darren McGavin, and your two stars, the poor poor poor man’s action hero (the wonderful)Treat Williams and the everyman funnyman Joe Piscipo(with the glow of SNL still in his eyes).

MORE(on Vincent Price):

STILL MORE(on Vincent Price):
Here’s the trailer(no Vincent to be found in it, but you should watch the trailer, and then watch the movie, it’s up on Youtube):



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