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What We’re All About: BRAIN Arts Org Official Mandate

September 2015 Editorial




This project has been going, in one form of another, for over 10 years. It all began simply enough, just throwing shows for lack of stuff to do around here. I personally was inspired by a few individuals putting together interesting shows and thought hey, there could be more. The mission started there, to unite as many interesting individuals and collectives as possible, from Greater Boston, New England and beyond, to vitalize the cultural movement. It quickly became an obsession. We started our own newspaper. We expanded our website. We started doing 5, 10, 15 shows a month. We expanded further, to cover art and film. We became a nonprofit. Our goal is to have our own space, a community center, a permanent haven for all of these wonderful activities going on around us. But what else can we do? How about reaching a little further towards a better world. To that end, we give you our official org mandate:


BRAIN Arts Organization currently carries out three main programs: the Boston Compass newspaper, the Boston Hassle website, and Boston Hassle shows. BRAIN ARTS is a local, volunteer-run, music and arts nonprofit organization that aims to foster an independent music, art, and film community in the greater Boston area through meetings, events and publications. Our commitment to an inclusive grassroots community means that we must actively work to amplify the voices of and make our spaces comfortable and accessible for marginalized individuals in dominant culture including but not limited to women, people of color, LGBTQIA+, disabled folks, etc. We actively oppose all forms of discrimination and oppression and continuously work to keep our spaces free of them by holding those in our spaces accountable for their behavior. Recognizing the constant change in social politics and culture it is our goal to continuously educate ourselves, our audience, and the artists we work with to help create and maintain these safer spaces.


If you want to be part of the movement please reach out, we would love to meet you. Either way, have fun, be good to each other and thanks for picking up the rag.

-Sam Potrykus

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