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>Ok, it’s the weekend. The weather is going to be sweet(I think) so you should really be hanging out with your friends, special friends, or finding new, perhaps special, friends.
We have mad shows coming up, are trying to open a music venue(hello investors!), and are just enjoying life a whole bunch. Look for new contributors to this blog soon! Might you be interested in contributing? Maybe you should GET IN TOUCH!!!! [email protected]

the dark Muppet movies @ the awesome Brattle theater/ if your’e in Lowell, great Boston bands are in your town: Babydriver, the Big Big Bucks/ BOW favs, noise rock post punk freaks Aids Wolf are in Providence/ all ages shows in Allston & Cambridge, Sinaloa tearing it apart @ HEAVY LOUD show @ the Democracy Center, Skimask blowing speakers @ Gay Gardens, RED DAWN, our fav 80s Russians attack america flick @ Coolidge @ midnite, and fests @ MIT(Bang on A Can Marathon), and PAs Lounge(Deep Heaven Now 3)

RED DAWN and DEEP HEAVEN NOW 3 continue/ Many Mansions & DL Polonsky @ cambridge YMCA/ it’s RECORD STORE DAY and Girlfriends & Banditas are @ the Braintree Newbury Comics, BOW’s Dan Shea will be hosting karaoke on the sidewalk in front of Weirdo Records in cambrideg all afternoon, FREE BEER/ FUs are @ the Midway/ Naga Gaga & Kid Romance @ House of 1000 Smiles/ out in Salem? Jonnee Earthquake Band & Kermit’s Finger @ St. John’s Hall/ Pile @ Starlab/ VELVET UNDERGROUND IN BOSTON directed by Andy Warhol @ Paramount Center, Downtown Crossing, recently unearthed footage from 67’of the VU @ Boston Tea Party!/ and THE ROOM returns to the Coolidge Corner Theater @ midnite

Jamaica @ Great Scott/ the entire golden era of Muppet films represented in one day(for the price of one movie) @ the coolest movie theater in town, the Brattle Theater

4/15 & 4/18 @ the Brattle Theater/ cambridge, ma/ LABYRINTH(1986) Directed by Jim Henson
4/15 & 4/18 @ the Brattle Theater/ cambridge, ma/ THE DARK CRYSTAL(1982) Directed by Jim Henson
4/15 @ 119 Gallery/ Lowell, ma/ w/ action park, babydriver, the big big bucks, bird organ, colleen green, home body
4/15 @ democracy center/ w/ DES_ARK, PYGMY LUSH, FOOTSIE, ARCING, SINALOA
4/15 @ Gay Gardens/ w/ Arvid Now, Hunnie Bunnies, Woad, Once Dead Flesh, Skimask
4/15 @ Machines With Magnets/ providence, ri/ w/ Aids Wolf, Humanbeast, Microwaves, Chrome Jackson
4/15 @MIT Kresge Auditorium/ cambridge, ma/ Bang on a Can Marathon featuring: Kronos Quartet, Bang-on-a-Can, Wu Man, Gamelan Galak Tika, MIT Chamber Chorus
4/15-4/16 @ Coolidge Corner theater @ MIDNITE/ RED DAWN(1984) Directed by John Milius
4/15-4/16 @ PAs Lounge @ Precinct/ somerville, ma/ w/ Deep Heaven Now 3 Festival
Day 1: Friday, April 15
Precinct – stage 1:

12:30pm Ghost Box Orchestra
11:30pm Guillermo Sexo
10:30pm The Curious Mystery
9:30pm Sharp Darts USA
8:30pm Second Day Venom

PA’s lounge – stage 2:

12pm MMOSS
11pm Herbcraft
10pm The Diamond Center
9pm The Fedavees
8pm Narcoterror

Day 2: Saturday 4/16

Precinct – stage 1:

12pm 28 Degrees Taurus
11pm This Car Up
10pm Asteroid #4
9pm Roh Delikat
8pm Autochrome
7pm The Sky Drops
6pm Quilty
5pm Asyna Asayn
4pm Thundersun
3pm Black Fortress of Opium

PA’s lounge – stage 2:

12:10pm Young Adults
11:10pm Empty Shapes
10:15pm Hadoken
9:15pm The Sunshine Factory
8:15pm To The Wedding
7:15pm Sri Aurobindo
6:15pm Concord Ballet Orchestra
5pm Brooklyn Raga Association
4/16 @ Braintree Newbury Comics/ FREE/ w/ Girlfriends, the Boyfriends, Banditas
4/16 @ Cambridge YMCA/ w/ Tristan da Cunha, Many Mansions, Sunrising, D.L. Polonsky
4/16 @ Coolidge Corner theater @ MIDNITE/ THE ROOM(2003) Directed by Tommy Wiseau
4/16 @ House of Blues/ boston, ma/ w/ TV on the Radio
4/16 @ House(of 1000 Smiles)/ allston, ma/ w/ Night Manager(nyc), Kid Romance, Naga Gaga, Sara Lee
4/16 @ Midway/ w/ FUs, the Scrapes, By The Throat
4/16 @ Paramount Center/ boston, ma/ THE VELVET UNDERGROUND IN BOSTON(1967) Directed by Andy Warhol
4/16 @ St John’s Hall/ Salem, ma/ w/ Kermit’s Finger, Jonee Earthquake Band, and more
4/16 @ Starlab/ w/ Mail the Horse, Graph, Pile
4/16 @ Weirdo Records/ RECORD STORE DAY w/ karaoke on the sidewalk led by ringmaster Dan Shea, all afternoon.
4/17 @ Great Scott/ w/ the Noncommon, Jamaica
4/17 @ the Brattle Theater/ cambridge, ma/ THE GREAT MUPPET CAPER(1981) Directed by Jim Henson
4/17 @ the Brattle Theater/ cambridge, ma/ THE MUPPET MOVIE(1978) Directed by James Frawley
4/17 @ the Brattle Theater/ cambridge, ma/ THE MUPPETS TAKE MANHATTAN(1984) Directed by Frank Oz

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