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One half of weird n’ free groove electronics duo LASERPOODLE (among other groups), FYOELK has been making music by his lonesome going back to at least 2007. His last release, a split w/ LES TRUCS happened way back in 2011, but the man’s Soundcloud bubbles over with recent, exotic, and yet-to-be-released-in-tangible-form groove workouts.

Lots of strange and beguiling samples are stacked upon each other just so, in perfect defiance of nature’s powers, like some magical, inexplicable bout of techno Jenga. And you look down and you are twitching. Twitching! Something is wrong with you, but it is also right, and then you realize the sound has surrounded you on every side; a staggering, skweee inflected, kitchen sink samples & electronics concoction on loan from Antwerp. Electronic dance music to be sure, but a severely oddball (best kind of oddball) incarnation of such that definitely makes me think of the janky wonk that brother groups CONTAINER and FORM A LOG are capable of creating (FYOELK’s sound comes down somewhere in between the sound of the brothers and their underground electronic ways).

“Spinne” arrives like a post-punk bass intro set in reverse. The whole song feels backwards really, the off kilter rhythms making me wish I could walk on my hands, nay dance on my hands. The in-your-face staccato sax sample really kicks the door in, jumping around in place over a bizarro, mild syncopation. “Leapfrog” is a brand new addition to FYOELK’s soundcloud, from yesterday!! It’s part of a batch of electronic weird groove that utilizes cheapo keyboard sounds in a big way, though it relies less on such sounds itself. This thing very quickly erupts into a boiling syncopated stew of laid back groove, coupled with enough noisy bits that remind us to never forget not to smile too much.

FYOELK arrives on American shores, playing @ this month’s SCANNERS over @ Deep Thoughts in JP. Brought to you of course by Boston Hassle & Open Loop, and fully outfitted w/ CONTAINER and UNICORN HARD ON to round out the bill. Insane show on 5/29. You should go.

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