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Untitled. – Sabina Lindsey




Whiskey, gin, and scotch on sunday nights

Feverish and unaware of the ash that pours out of your mouth

Onto our rugs

Onto our linen, our lilac lace, sheets, wrap up

Bare legs and bruised knees

They’re stained and I was never domestic


Five dollars on the dashboard of your used up car

Mahogany and teak wood

I don’t have a license, I don’t have a sense of smell

Switch stations, swap saliva, and syllables fade

The song’s not clear, my head’s all buzzed and you tap

The wheel till I flinch cause I’ve never been steady


Callused hands caress my hair, it’s mid morning

Citrus and ice, cuts, smooth, smirk, follow routine

And you laugh like a school boy, 3pm home and notebooks on floor

I lay with your photos, I lay with your dreams, I wish for

Your beat, for your childish essence, I wish for you to

Gladly walk out of my door
Sabina Lindsey


Featured in Basement Babes, Issue 15

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