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Trigger Warning: Substance Abuse



No matter what time of year it is, some things plague year-round. One of those is self-medication, something that every community deals with.

At least 1,000 people in Mass suffered opioid-related deaths last year. Friends, classmates, brothers, sisters, kids, parents, and neighbors. You don’t have to look hard to find someone who has been physically hurt or emotionally torn by addiction.

Life can fucking suck sometimes. Its circumstances are different for everyone. We all make shitty choices. We all self-sabotage. We all want to disconnect. But, these temptations are only short-term solutions. Self-medication can get in the way of the life you were meant to live.

Because of a law passed in 2012, neither a 911 caller nor the victim of an overdose can be charged with possession: immunity.

The city of Quincy became the first in the country to mandate every police officer carry Naloxone, commonly known as Narcan, which helps reverse the effects of many harmful opioids.

Boston EMS carries Naloxone, as do Boston University Police Officers, and Somerville PD. Mayor Marty Walsh ordered BPD officers to carry it, while Cambridge City Council is aggressively looking into giving it to all of their officers. CVS has also started to carry it in stores, not requiring a prescription to purchase.

Note: Check out, a website created by Craig Lewis to help individuals, especially those in sometimes dysfunctional cultural scenes, realize that they’re not alone in struggling. He has two books for sale: a workbook based on his experience, and an anthology of stories called “You’re Crazy!” which compiles twenty-five first-hand accounts of people from the punk scene who live with mental illness, addiction. and trauma.


Love your friends. Take care of your friends. Love yourself, take care of yourself, because other people love you back.


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