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When I started working towards zero-waste in 2013, only a scant handful of blogs dedicated to the lifestyle existed. Though the concept had been around for a decades, ZW wasn’t widely recognized as a “lifestyle choice.” Living this way, and sharing tips within a small internet community of dirt-kissing moms, felt radical.

But here we are in 2019,  when you can hardly swing a dick without knocking over a twee ZW Insta-celeb and her precious collection of glass jars. Yes, it’s easier than ever to plug your garbage hole with the apple of ZW knowledge. And though I’m indisputably the most relevant, successful, and fashionable zero-waste columnist of our time (“Bernier is the Carrie Bradshaw of garbage!” raves the New York Times), there are many other ZWers waiting to plug your leaky trash hole with their rock hard minds. Here are a few notable locals dedicated to the ZW hustle:

Boston Zero Waste, @bostonzerowaste, Where do ZW Bostonians go for basics such as groceries and clothing? BZW provides the local roadmap.

MIT Waste Alliance, Curious to know how waste works? The MIT Waste Alliance organizes field trips to waste management sites and lectures from professionals in the field. Upcoming events include a tour of the Greater Lawrence Wastewater Treatment Facility, and a chat with Siddharth Hande, entrepreneur working with waste pickers in India.

My Sustainable Choices, @mysustainablechoices. But is ZW hard? Sarah offers insights into the day-to-day realities of zero waste living.



Animals Presumed Extinct in 2018: Po’ouli, passerine bird, endemic to Hawaii. Alagoas Foliage-Gleaner/Cryptic Treehunter, passerine bird, endemic to Brazil. Wild Spix’s Macaw, endemic to Brazil (some still exist, only in captivity).

On Deck for 2019: Vaquita, porpoise, endemic to the northern Gulf of California. Northern White Rhino, endemic to East and Central Africa.


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