2013 Year Enders

Top Ten Shows and Cassette Releases of 2013 by Mark Johnson


Mark Johnson is a longtime local experimental musician, deep tape head and dedicated supporter of DIY music in New England and beyond. Mark performs in a variety of noise and sound collage acts, including Hunnie Bunnies, BANG! BROS. and has most recently gone solo as Truck Stanley’s Night Dreams. He also has an absurdly comprehensive knowledge of experimental musicians from around the country. A one-time resident of the Whitehaus, Mark currently resides in Providence but has his sights locked on Philly.

Top Ten Shows:

John Mannion @ Machines with Magnets, (Pawtucket RI)
Newton @ JR’s (Philly, PA)
Embarker @ “International Noise Conference”, Churchills Pub, (Miami, FL)
Taterbug @ Dogs Fright Zone (Olneyville RI)
John the Baptist 100% Universe @ “RAW MEET 10”, (Allston, MA)
Mark Van Fleet @ FItness Gallery (Brooklyn NY)
Unicorn Hard-on @ First Floor (Olneyville, RI)
Power Masters @ Kristina’s World (Olneyville, RI)
Some Pepper @ The Buckinghammer (Philly, PA)
Yohimbe @ “Savage Weekend 3” The Nightlight (Chapel Hill, NC)

Top Ten Cassette Releases:

Secret Boyfriend “Ace Mask” (self released)
Brown Recluse Alpha “Come out in the Wash” (channel 69)
Wipe Hour “Time Canceler” (Trepanner)
Unguent “Kelpius Lotion” (Refulgent Sepulchre)
Cube “Medium” (self released)
Tracey Trance “Keep it Up” (self released)
Yerri/Sunk Heaven/Spiritual Recess “3 way split” (self released)
Dinner Music “Blood Quantum” (spleen coffin)
Phemale “Everything is Haunted” (ELm Recordings)
Stone Garden Jam Temple “Mushrooms on Acid” (self released)

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