2013 Year Enders

Year in Review according to Nice Guys


Nice Guys are a bunch of garage-rocking punks keeping Allston cool with their sweet demeanor and infectious love of all things 420 and beer chugging. They love Boston’s music scene so much they each made their own list. Look out for their first vinyl release later this year on KLYAM.
Jake Gilbertson’s List:

In a lot of ways it was a tough year for us in Boston, by and large because the awesome house venues that had the best shows were systematically protected and served to death by the boys and girls of the Boston PD. But in a lot of ways, it was a great year too. Here’s a list of the people who sustained my faith in the Boston music scene through the lowest of the lows (in no particular order).

Noah Bond and Spencer Gralla (Primordial Sounds)

These dudes have never been anything but the best for as long as I’ve known them. They support bands of every genre and from many different places near and far. Their first Wednesdays of every month at the Middlesex Lounge have become something that I always look forward to because I know I can go there and see a band that kicks ass, and more often than not see a band that I’ve never heard of before. They also release some of the best local acts on cassette. Specifically this year they released Queer Lodgings by the always awesome Don Gero, which was one of my favorites of 2013.

Jason Trefts (Illegally Blind)

Never have I met a dude with such an open mind for so many different types of music. Jason booked the kickass Fuzztival in August which we were lucky enough to be a part of, but also books bands and acts from all across the spectrum, from rap to psychedelic to metal and everything else that there is. A super smart dude to boot.

Sonam Parikh (Fast Apple)

Sonam has selflessly booked some of the best shows that I’ve been to this year, asking for nothing except five small bucks and giving all of us awesome shows every single Monday night in return. More often than not the scene at Charlie’s Kitchen is so outlandish that you’d never guess it’s a normal ass restaurant the rest of the time. The looks of terror in the bartender’s eyes when they see kids tossing themselves around like violent psychopaths never gets old, and I can’t wait to see more of it in 2014.

Sam Potrykus and Dan Shea (Boston Hassle)

I hate to be a kiss-ass but must give credit where credit is due. These dudes slave away perpetually to bring us bands of every type and from all over America. They’ve been behind some of the most killer shows and events from this year (for instance the gargantuan and amazing Hasslefest), and have done a ton to make the scene in Boston convalesce into a living, freaky entity that is all it’s own. The most encouraging part is that they do all of this seemingly for no other reason except a deep and abiding love of all things weird and outlandish. Were it not for these amazing guys and the community of like-minded weirdos that they’ve gathered together, there’s no doubt that 2013 wouldn’t have been punctuated by as many insane musical moments as it was, and that the prospects for 2014 would be much bleaker than they are. Good on ya fellas.

Johnny Allen (ZuZu/Night of the Living Deadhead)
Though Johnny (aka Edison Tesla) brought his now-legendary Monday night residency at ZuZu to a close this year, there’s no way his years-long contribution to Boston’s music community can be overlooked. This dude was booking shows at ZuZu when I was still taking SAT prep classes and probably long before. Always free and always awesome, going to Johnny’s shows was always a pleasure, as was sipping on one of his custom, delicious libations. Though he is now gone from ZuZu, Monday night shows there will live on under the new banner “Rad Castle” run by Joe Merrit, where they will continue to be free and continue to kick ass.
Matt Garlick’s List: Favorite Riffs of 2013 (in no particular order)

(New England) Patriots – David

The riff of riffs. The Pats are easily one of the best bands playing right now in Boston, and this song proves that. Heavy, catchy, and groovy. They may have a few copies of their tour split with Skimask, so if you can get it, get it while the gettin’s good.

Designer – Weekend Museum

This song and band are fucking ridiculous. I had a tough time picking which song from Kalvin & Kline (BUFU Records) to use, but I think this one takes the cake. The screeching guitar in the intro, the catchy as fuck guitar lick in the bridge. Some craaaazy sounds. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for 2014.

Krill – This Morning

That guitar tone is like floating on the happiest of clouds. Seriously though, it’s fucking amazing. I can’t wait for Steve Hears Pile in Malden and Bursts Into Tears and anything else these guys release. I’mma Krillhead

Kal Marks – Parking Lot

This song is constantly getting stuck in my head. It has such an amazing chord progression, and the ferocity with which is played is incredible. I saw Kal Marks play this song a month or so ago and it absolutely floored me. These dudes are the real deal. Buy this album and go see every show they ever play.

Black Norse – Five Grand

Black Norse rules. This two-piece from Maine doesn’t travel down to Boston that often, but if and when they do, GO SEE THEM. If this song doesn’t convince you I don’t know what will.

Alex Aronson’s list: Top 5 tapes of 2013

Gap Dream – s/t

Awesome psych stuff from cali, sounds like Kraftwerk, but with more reverb. Super catchy and dark at points. Just goes to show that Burger Records puts out the best shit

Tyvek“Domestic Five” (Coat of Arms)

A tape these dude recorded in their practice space on the spot. Unreal garage rock. 5 songs on the whole tape and its like 6 minutes long. Shit gets real, so much kraut-y jammage on this tape it hurts my head.

White Fang – “Steady Truckin”

Sounds so trashy I love it. The songs are catchy as hell as well. It was even better when they played here. Makes me wanna drink a beer just thinking about it.

(New England) Patriots / Skimask split tape

When two giants join forces, the earth crumbles. The insert is amazing on this tape. Andy will probably give me shit for this.

Fuzz – s/t (Trouble In Mind)
Ty Segall is a god. Along with Charlie Moothart. This tape sounds like it was written in the 70’s. All of the playing on this record makes my head hurt and makes me want to stop making music.

Cam Smith’s List: Top Krill Songs

Ok so I played a show with Krill and People’s Temple at Radio and that was pretty cool. Don’t exactly remember much about that night, I think it was teh reebs. But then I saw Krill at Charlie’s with Miami Dorritos and I’ll never forget it. That was the night I fell in love with Krill.

I could go on and on but I’m one of four here so its gonna be short and sweet. Let me just say it was hard as fuck to narrow it down to just 7 of my favorite krill songs. i really love ‘Alam No Hris’ and ‘Lucky Leaves.’ and I already pre-ordered ‘Steve Hears Pile in Malden and Breaks Down into Tears.’

In no particular order:

32 Teeth

I Am the Cherry

This Morning




Infinite Power


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