TOP 30 bands who played a B.O.W. Show in 2011 list


Bodies of Water Shows(or B.O.W. Shows) has been booking shows for the most far out, entertaining, cutting edge, and wild acts passing through and found within Boston and the New England area since the early 00s(all ages shows as often as possible). Beyond that B.O.W.’s label arm(Bodies of Water arts and crafts) has released nearly 20 records in that same timespan(including the recent BOSTON HASSLE button compilation). B.O.W. loves Boston and New England and it’s interesting music makers and is always striving to make the Boston area a better place for artists to work in, for audience members to experience in, and for touring artists to visit.

Here’s our TOP 30 bands who played a Bodies of Water show in 2011(in no particular order):

Quite possibly the most amazing set I saw all year. Outer space drone/prog/sample/beyond pop coming from just 2 guys from Barcelona. Kind of like a LOAD Records band with really whacked out pop sensibilities. Played @ BATV.

Arrington De Dionyso(Malakait dan Singa)
Old Time Relijun on bad Indonesian drugs. Some of the nastiest weirdo dance music to hear, a ferocious live show, and when Dionyso came through Boston he had an awesome backing band who on their own are an amazing band, Olympia, WA’s Christmas. Played @ BATV.
Arrington De Dionyso / MALAIKAT DAN SINGA by Interbang

Royal Baths
Droning VU vortex rock that just destroyed @ Homegrown III. These NYC via SF guys write some very subtle hooks, and some really great guitar lines. Played @ Villa Victoria.
Royal Baths – Darling Divine by mexicanrobots

Sediment Club
NYC downer post-punk full of jagged eruptions and nasty rhythms just like it should be. Gnarly spare music being made by some right on young punks. Played @ Villa Victoria.

Amen Dunes
Haunting, strange psychedelia that really creeps into your brain and grabs a hold of your heart. As stirring live as on record. Played @ Lorem Ipsum Books.
Amen Dunes – Ethio song by KRAAK_records

Chapter 24
British pop post-punk made with verve and energy like I have experienced rarely in recent memory. A crushing set @ Homegrown III. Played @ the Crane Room.
Chapter 24 – Spindle / 4454 by chapter24band

Chicago krautrock-psych-drone beasts that just bring the party hard when they come around. Total mesmerizing and fun as hell. Played @ What We Talk About When We Talk About Us.
CAVE – MUJ by Fuse Group Australia

An ever shifting amalgamation of hardcore blasts, twee pop weirdness, and electronic experimentation. Firmly one of Boston’s great bands. They never fail to floor. Played numerous B.O.W. shows in 2011.

Hunnie Bunnies
One of the 2 awesome offshoots from Doomstar, these guys prod the audience not only with their sounds but also with their performance. A noise and beat collision with reverberations being felt all along the eastern seaboard. Played numerous B.O.W. shows in 2011.

Twisted electronic dance music and droning bleating buzzes from NYC underground musical lynchpin Greg Fox. Serious party music for people who like getting weird(that’s you right?). He consumed the audience with his sounds. Played @ Twin Towers.

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat
A unique bass and (one) drum attack straight from the streets of Baltimore. Ed Schrader is a hero, an inspiration,
and an awesome songwriter with a great sense of humor. So much energy coming from two people at relatively low volume!
Played @ Obrien’s(twice I think).

Rats by Ed Schrader’s Music Beat

Guerilla Toss
Bringing a real punk energy to an out jazz/post-punk template this band of 5 young Boston dudes has made avant
garde extremely cool and party worthy. Ferocious live. Played numerous B.O.W. shows in 2011.

“pup” free download by guerilla toss

White Fence
Tim Presley is just one of the great songwriter’s going today. If psych pop is your thing(and if it’s not, these are
the guys who could change your mind about that)you won’t want to miss White Fence ever. Played @ the Crane Room.

White Fence – Lillian (Won’t You Play Drums?) by forcefieldpr

Heavy Cream
Real garage pop full of hooks, and sass, and with a live show that gets the saddest of the kids in the corner all
riled up. Some of the best of the Nashville gang. Played @ Butcher Shoppe & @ Starlab.

Dope Body
A new take on noise rock with a decidely groove laden bent and an insanely ferocious live show. Baltimore double bass in yo face. Played @ House & @ Obrien’s, @ Crane Room(that’s 3 2011 shows!!).

Grass Widow
Amazing harmonies via voice and guitars. A decidely unique melodic twist on post-punk recalling some of the true greats. Sounds as good live as on record which is just flooring. Played @ Obrien’s & the Crane Room basement.

Grass Widow – Shadow by killrockstars

Extreme Animals
Guitar and bizarro techno and related electronic musics aiming to break your brain and wiggle your body. So energetic, and all set to video projections thereby creating an amazing multi sensory experience. Played @ House of 1000 Smiles & Villa Victoria

IT ALL ENDS///AM I EVIL?? INSTRUMENTAL by extreme animals

Many are afraid of Brockton bred mystery man “The Prophet”, Skimask’s frontman. While we do not count ourselves among that lot we do believe that he could cause you harm if he felt like it. He does his thing and the other two guys make some serious gnarly noise rock blast. And the crowd goes wild! Played numerous B.O.W. shows in 2011.

Sore Eros
Wonderful songwriting seen through a washed out, psychedelic prism. Northeast nu-psych champions. Played @ the Cambridge YMCA.

sore eros – just fuzz (album preview) by experimedia

Happy Jawbone Family Band
One of the most fun live bands going in New England right now. A strange Vermont jangle pop that you can sing along to, and bop along to and generally just get happy with. Played @ Crane Room & Starlab.

Happy Jawbone Family Band – “Fresh Gash” by samgascan

PC Worship
Sludge pop music filled with strange grooves and all kinds of fuzz for you to pick through and decipher
over the course of many listens. Played @ the Crane Room.

Regal Degal
Droning, groove machine operators that offer up a new kind of party for the new kind of party people. On and on and on and on.
Played @ the Crane room basement.

Regal Degal’s Speckled Fruit by Regal Degal

Cop City/Chill Pillars
Fried jangle pop offering you many hidden pleasures for the ear canal. Strange compositions. Unique sound.
Played @ the Crane Room basement.

Cave Bears
One man wrecking crew of insight and storytelling and sometimes keyboards, or guitar, or other people.
Played @ Villa Victoria.

Psych garage-pop played with punk verve and hook filled like a mutha.
Played @ Great Scott.

Hurricanes of Love
A hurricane of finger picking, soulful
crooning and smoke fueled and filled imagery.
Played multiple B.O.W. shows in 2011.

Aids Wolf
Virulent and noisy as possible no wave style screech and crawl
from our neighbors to the near north, Montreal. About as groovy as
ugly and dissonant gets. Played @ BATV.

Debo Band
As if we are in Addis Ababa, it is 1970, and the the funkiest thing on planet Earth is happening directly in front of us. Played @ Great Scott.

Loud, quiet, loud 90s steez done with precision, punk ferocity,
and a great grasp of melody. Banging our heads and singing along.
Played @ Villa Victoria.

Gary War
Ever exploring NYC popsmith, never afraid to turn a corner, never afraid to turn over a rock. Weird pop maestro walking an absolutely far out path. played @ the Crane Room

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