2013 Year Enders

Top 10 Thing? by Josh Burkett


JOSH BURKETT is the operator of MYSTERY TRAIN RECORDS  in Amherst, MA. So if you went to a school in western MA chances are you’ve encountered this quiet, shy and amazing guy behind the counter as you purchased a sick used Jimi Hendrix CD, or something. Josh is also a great maker of music, these days playing with FROZEN CORN, TARP, and even sometimes still and many times in the past under his own name where he conjures a brittle, and strange ethereal folk music. He also releases records as MYSTRA RECORDS. Keeping it real, man.
Top 10 Thing?
Ralph White-new Waltz cd
Cherry Blossoms-Live In Amsterdam lp
Palmer Rockey- Movie Album lp
Tribe Called Red-nation li nation cd
all things VICTOR JARA
Jon Collin-High Peak lp
Bill Fay-life is people lp
Noise Nomads-newest
Wizz Jones-Live
Chelsea Light Moving- lp
plus special shout out/mention to:
frank hurricane tribute cass (frank rules!)
plus the top ten books ever:
Thomas hardy- Maddening Crowd
TH Lawrence-Women In Love,
Steinbeck-Winter Of Our Discontent
Patchen-Albion Moonlight,
Woody Guthrie-Bound For Glory,
Emily Dickinson-Collected Poems,
Dow Mossman-Stones Of Summer,
Graham Greene-Sort Of Life,
Dickens- Great Expectations,
Sun Ra-This Planet Is Doomed
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