2013 Year Enders

TOP 10 PERFORMANCES OF 2013 by Egan Budd


Egan Budd is the most consistent Boston area curator/ organizer of music events that start at dark, and move onward toward fucked up. He books DIY minded events, and puts out records as EXISTENCE ESTABLISHMENT. If what you seek is industrial, noise, power electronics, and generally strange sounds then a look in he and his organization’s direction is highly suggested. He also performs solo in the industrial/ drone electronics vein as XIPHOID DEMENTIA.


DISCLAIMER: I am a promoter of shows in Boston so a lot of these atrocities I have witnessed are the shows that I helped organize.

10. JOHN MANNION @ Machines With Magnets – Pawtucket, RI

John Mannion combines avant garde soundscapes, industrial, and power electronics to create a whirlwind of heavy emotions. Culling his sounds from box fans and theremins he carefully crafted layers and loops to form an aggressive journey of focused compositions.

9. LUSTMORD @ Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel – Providence, RI

A huge milestone for my bucket list was finally getting to see the mighty Lustmord live. Intense visuals and seething soundwaves from the godfather of dark ambient music.

8. NEUROSIS @ Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel – Providence, RI

The masters of stoner doom. These old boys know how to rip it up like no one else. Only my 3rd time seeing them live in 14 years.

7. ALBERICH @ Castlebar – Brighton, MA

Classic industrial scum power noise. An amazing show and excellent performance, I couldn’t have asked for more.

6. THEOLOGIAN @ Radio – Somerville, MA

Combining emotional drone and industrial this is the “new” project of Lee Bartow who previously was the man behind Navicon Torture Technologies. This set reached new heights in Theologian’s live performances and brought the tense atmosphere to a new level.

5. AUTHOR & PUNISHER @ Radio – Somerville, MA

This was the first time I witnessed Author & Punisher feature visuals along with his set. But if you are not familiar with the name Tristan Shone creates industrial doom with his own self-made machines. It is sight and sound to behold.

4. GNAWED @ The Flesh Tunnel (Summer Scum Fest II) – Buffalo, NY

The best death industrial project currently in the USA. Equally as devastating live.

3. VEILED @ Medford Soaplands – Medford, MA

Best new school synth pop industrial. These two are pure sonic genius and make people move their butts at any awkward noise show. Pure dominance.

2. GOBLIN @ The Sinclair – Cambridge, MA

The masters of Italian horror film scores. They also play prog rock but these dudes are in their 70s and tore the house down. Inspirational to say the least, and perhaps their first tour in the US ever.

1. DEATH IN JUNE @ Lucky Dog Music Hall – Worcester, MA http://youtu.be/SDXcFNcifow

Yet another milestone for shows this year. Yet this show was originally booked at a historic venue in Salem but had to be moved to this shitty club in Worcester. The sound was pretty bad but the performance and crowd was great. There was magic in the air that night.

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