The Importance of Being Earnest is Greater than Elevation



Are you high right now?
Damn it’s so dry up here I never noticed how dry it can be in the springtime New England but right now it’s wicked dry. My lips are so dry they’re smooth & drinking like a fish doesn’t seem to help, water or otherwise. I’m down to my last Kirkland brand Light Beer… oh wait there is one more so, ok, my last two Kirkland brand Light Beers & I don’t know anyone with a Costco card in this city & I don’t know where in this state Costco will sell me beer & I don’t know how late I can stay up without hallucinating; tingling toes & confusing floor heat in a car with nerves making my leg hair stand up but I’m realizing I don’t really care. I won’t try anything once, but I figure if you’ll try it once you oughta try it twice & root out some variables. Turns out 23 hours on the road is not twice the fun of 11 hours on the road. Turns out Kirkland Light Beer is way better in lower altitudes. The main draw of Light Beer is the overall lack of offensive flavor which you might say is not a characteristic but an absence of characteristic & I would say that is still a characteristic & I think that it is.

Not being mean isn’t the same as being nice regardless of your convoluted feelings about opposites (repel vs. attract, absoluteness, mutually exclusive, &c. &c.) & I wonder if it was the “nice guys” who ruined “nice” for the rest of us, the assholes. Not being mean is its own complex state with all sorts of intricacies avoided by “nice” (with it’s own set of histories & intricacies), whether purposefully or not. Light Beer isn’t nice & is way ahead out in front of the co-opting nostalgia based beer design curve writing “Light Beer” at an angle that would make Wes Anderson hurl while Bud Light & Miller Lite & the boys get squarer & squarer with cool new old designs. There is a brief period I’ve experienced upon initial introduction during which it’s so chill to kiss. I want to make it past that & thru what comes next & all the way back around to kissing again & try it like you mean it, you know? The truth is I absolutely love how cheap Light Beer is regardless of taste & who cares who knows it. Anyone had Big Flats? Goldmine or Goldmine Light? A feeling of weightlessness at the realization of dawn? It rained.

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