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If you live in Boston, maybe you don’t remember the last time you said to your friends, “Hey, it’s about time we make a trip out to Worcester.” You’re gonna wanna change that, though — because tonight the city is hosting heavy metal on steroids courtesy of Temple of Doom Productions. New Orleans’ Thou and Portland, OR’s The Body are toting their chilling, apocalyptic metal sound all the way to the East Coast. It’s their collaborative tour, meaning the two are playing together as a single entity. Stoner metal meets the industrial soundtrack to the end of the world? It’s like a delicious sandwich of doom, gloom, and screams. People get pretty hyped up on PB&Js but this pairing puts that to shame. Boston’s contributing its fair share of bands, too; the dark, sludgy Fórn is on the bill along with Rozamov, whose guitar riffs and melodic metal bring a solid dose of energy to the line-up. The show’s gonna be loud, it’s gonna melt some faces off, and there’s no better place to experience ‘round these parts than the city that’s consistently been a hardcore music bastion.

9pm // All Ages/ / $5-$10 sliding scale donation

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