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Talking with Keith Schubert of Taco Party about the here and now…

The Covid has shuttered the thriving vegan food truck and storefront for now...



Dan Shea:
So, who are you and where are you?

Keith Schubert:
My name is Keith Schubert. I own Taco Party restaurant and food truck. Currently locked down in my Quincy estate.

As a small business owner how has this situation affected your business, your employees, and community?

Well..we’re totally closed. So we are very affected. No one knows how long this will last so I had to lay off the whole staff so they can collect unemployment. Restaurants don’t generally have a pile of cash they’re sitting on so this was our only option.

photo by Danielle McLean

Can you even imagine what the other side of this looks like? What do you WANT to see happen, and/or think needs to happen on behalf of small business owners?

If any small businesses are going to get on the other side of this intact we need help in the form of rent, tax, loan and bill payment deferral or abatement. We need grants or reasonable loans that don’t require us to put up our homes or total business assets.

You are in the middle of expanding your amazing brick and mortar taco shop into an adjacent space in which you will be adding bar. What is Covid-19’s affect on those plans?

We don’t know when we’ll be able to open this amazing new space up for our customers. Construction will be done soon but then we just have to sit and wait for the state to give us the go ahead.

How do we put out this dumpster fire of a country we have going on here? Any thoughts?

Get the reality TV star out of office and ease up on all the tribalism shit. Maybe everyone should start meditating. I find that it helps a lot.

If you can please SUPPORT TACO PARTY during these disastrous times by buying a gift card toward future use. – Dan

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