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SKYJELLY – “The 6 Is Silent”


We have come upon a newer video from Boston’s SKYJELLY, the band, not the alien phenomenon. Well, actually as far as is known to me SKYJELLY is a one man band situation (sometimes), and a really amazing one (probably the the best since, [welp] Spentman and his MAINE COONS went south with Wendy). Last time I caught one of his sets he nearly blew my mind (and I’m pretty sure he did blow the mind of the guy sitting behind me) @ the Cambridge YMCA some time ago. It’s been far too long since I checked out a live set from this driving, psychedelic tangled mess of fury and bounce. And this video that I happened upon? How I got to it, who knows? SKYJELLY sends a lot of emails, but I don’t think that’s how I became aware. Anyway, “The 6 Is Silent” would probably be your favorite psychedelic garage rock track of the moment if you only cared to listen!!! Not religiously psychedelic, not devoutly garage rock. Willing to be WEIRD, and take the train just a smidge off the rails (just to give the passengers a little bit of that kick in the gut that they’ve been missing). The vocals are lost to the psychedelia, but the melody remains and is a sweet center to this strange ragged stomper that I think I’m really into. That’s it, I’m a SKYJELLY fan. See you at one of his shows.

Animation by Sarah Jane Lapp

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