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>SEE IT: THE SADIST(1963) Directed by James Landis



3 friends driving through rural California on their way to the Dodgers game have some car trouble. They pull into a junkyard to assess their situation. Unfortunately while there they run into Charlie and his girlfriend who are on the lam and who force the three to start fixing the vehicle so that they can use it to continue on their way without being recognized. Arch Hall Jr. is disgustingly slimy as Charlie; slithering through the small set of the junkyard cackling, cracking wise, and just plain being a rotten “sadistic” bastard to his three captives. The faces that Hall Jr.(son of shitty director of EEGAH(which also stars Hall Jr.), Arch Hall) are twisted and truly maniacal as he waves around his Colt 45. Charlie’s girlfriend (Marilyn Manning) spends nearly the entire film silent, whispering evil ideas into Charlie’s ear. Pretty wild stuff especially for the early 60s! Vilmos Zsigmond’s(Close Encounters of The Third Kind, The Long Goodbye) cinematography is startling and moody throughout this awesome and tense low budget black and white exploitation flick. This played the Coolidge Corner Theater some years back, hopefully we’ll see it around here again one of these days.


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