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>SEE IT: THE HIDDEN(1987) Directed by Jack Sholder



Just after he made BLUE VELVET Kyle MacLachlan made this awesome half cop action movie, half sci-fi thriller. It’s kind of like NIGHT OF THE CREEPS, in that the bad guys are space worms that take over human bodies. But these worms are far grosser, and far more bent on destruction than those in CREEPS. Seemingly robbing banks, and stealing fast cars just for kicks, these worms know how to have fun. But Kyle Maclachlan isn’t here for fun. He’s here to end the party as an FBI agent(which would soon become this actor’s defining acting profession). A very fun, high body count sci-fi actioner in that cherry 80s action movie way. Watch for Danny Trejo in a small role as a convict. From the director of NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2.

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