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>SEE IT: SCARLETT STREET(1945) Directed by Fritz Lang



Pretty great film noir directed(in the U.S.) by the
German master Fritz Lang.
Apparently a remake of the Jean renoir film, La Chienne.
Edward G. Robinson gives a subdued performance
as a somewhat boring fellow who’s never really stood up for himself
in his whole life. He meets a young woman, spins some lies,
and that’s where the trouble starts. I really like
the side story of this cashier’s inner struggles with
wanting to be an artist even though he’s approaching old age.
Shot in beautiful black and white
by Lang’s steady German hand. Everyone’s great in this, the lead,
Joan Bennett as kitty, Dan Duryea as that bastard Johnny Prince,
and the rest of the lot as
well. If you love film noir(you do right?) definitely
check this out. All the hallmarks of the genre are present, but
the core story is very unique. WATCH IT, and of course
all of Fritz Lang’s other films!

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