SEDIMENT CLUB hail from Brooklyn and wield a mighty no wave/post-punk sound, all herk and jerk, skittery guitars, and speak/yelped vocals. Their take on this strain of punk or art punk or something else(depends on who you ask) is sincere, and rife with despair. We’ve talked about this young noisy gang before, and we may have even previously mentioned that one of the members’ parents was in the BUSH TETRAS(real post-punk lineage!), which really makes you start thinking about musical genes when you listen to the often grooving bass that sometimes connects happily with its drummer partner to lock into some down turned funk or off disco groove. Well, this time we bring up SEDIMENT CLUB because they just came out with a new record, TIME DECAY NOW. The record is full of the sounds we’ve described already as well as some keyboards here and there that fit right into the antagonistic aural mix. You’ll definitely hear some songs on here that you’ve heard before if you’ve been lucky enough to catch them live(as we last did @ HOMEGROWN 3 fest). “Orphan’s Tongue” opens up with some buzzy dialogue sample and then an almost old school rap bass line drops in. That does not last long however as abrasive guitar takes over, and the drums turn to a pounding circular beat. That guitar trades off jabs at the listener with some snotty spoken vocals the rest of the way, except for when the guitar wanders away to some other place where no beat exists. This is a sound that many were approaching and approximating about 10 years ago. SEDIMENT CLUB has it though, and its a mean and lean sound that sounds like a serious fuck you in this current musical climate.

MORE: http://thesedimentclub.blogspot.com/

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