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Ricky Rainbow Beard takes a moment to answer a couple of questions before his Hassle Plague Series stream

Remain calm, Ricky Rainbow Beard is here and will stream his show on the Hassle Instagram Live on sunday 2/7 @ 8pm...


Dan Shea:

So how long have you been Ricky Rainbow Beard?

Ricky Rainbow Beard:
I have been Ricky Rainbow Beard since 2016, but I noticed the multiple colors in my beard a few years before then.

Before the pandemic how often were you performing? How would you describe yourself as a performer?

Before this pandemic I performed monthly shows, each focused on a new deep and simple theme. In February 2020 the theme was ‘Disappointment’ and the final live show, in the beginning of March, was about ‘Sunsets’. At the time I was confused. Sunsets usually signify the end of things. I guess it was a correct assumption.

Have you learned anything about yourself during these covid times?

I’ve learned that self-care is the most necessary thing for all of us and we are here to serve each other.

What’s one thing you hope improves in Providence post-pandemic?

I hope people go forward with equity in mind always and that everyone collectively realizes that people matter more than any business or idea.

What’s next for you, and what can we expect from your live stream on sunday?

I am curious to know what is next but accept that patience is the only thing worth holding onto. I’ve been working on multiple children’s books, writing songs, and enjoying true love with a magical partner. I want to continue being honest while designing and educating for children of all ages. I will be discussing ‘Moving’ , ‘Divorce’ , and ‘Death’ while reading picture books that pertain to these themes. There are usually puppets that join me but I can’t promise that they will show up. I can promise that I will be quiet and thoughtful. Thank you for inviting me to share ☺️

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