Reviews Day Tuesday #4


Metal Feathers – Contrast Eats The Slime

Contrast Eats The Slime is the second album from Portland, Maine garage rockers Metal Feathers. It came out in February, but we just heard it through the grapevine recently so we’re going to review it now because, goddamit, it’s new to us! What Metal Feathers seems to do well is sum up in an engaging – and even, sometimes, catchy – manner the strange brew of malaise and anxiety that typifies the existence of today’s post-collegiate (read: twentysomething) generation, while retaining the dissonant grime that seems to ooze from that demographic disposition. That said, rock bands have succeeded in that same realm at least as long as there have been anxious, displaced youth. The fact that Metal Feathers sticks out among this proliferation of thoughtful-but-defiant-but-unsure garage rock bands stands as a testament to their ability to succinctly and accurately portray the world in which most of this review’s readers are currently entrenched (and for which the rest of the readers are likely nostalgic). It’s a bit fuzzy and dissonant, but at its heart there’s a questioning nature, a melody, some semblance of structure (even if it’s not immediately apparent) and a desire to figure out what it’s all about and what they (and we) are doing here.

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