Quarrels, Diamond Machine, Sports Coach, Joss, Rawhunny, Moon Calls (2/21) @ Out of the Blue Too


An eclectic night at OUT OF THE BLUE TOO ART GALLERY in Central Square. Guitars, Game Boys, and a variety of other things happened in a gigantic gallery full of art (this place was a mega Blockbuster back in the day, HUGE). Things started off with improv electronic-acoustic group MOON CALLS. Piano playing over a Juno 106 and modular synthesizers made a real lush and interesting sound. For the last song they brought their friend onstage to sing with them, becoming a real put-together and easily enjoyable improv group. Ann Ryden and Emily Woods came to the stage next as dream-pop folk group RAWHUNNY. The two sang together effortlessly; Em strummed her electric uke and Ana played her guitar for a set that made coming out in a shit blizzard totally worth it. Then we put down the guitars and went onto the electronic pulse of JOSS. Singing over her own house-esque melodic style of electronic music, she got the crowd pretty pumped up. She made great use of the gallery space by running around and getting everybody riled up. The whole place was in a big energy swell after that one. Following Joss, a Game Boy came in to play—DIAMOND MACHINE, local chiptune extraordinaire, got the whole floor dancing, equipped with only a supercharged Game Boy and a copy of LSDJ. And from Game Boy to four-piece alternative rock band, the next shift in instrumentation came with QUARRELS. These guys killed it, with articulate, melodic songs and powerful thrash energy. They finished by throwing their instruments on the floor, which is a typical sign that YOU ARE BADASS AS FUCK. The only thing left for the last act, SPORTS COACH, was drums, and they used ’em right. Thatcher really occupied his own niche with his personalized style of solo drumwork. He had guitar and bass tracks that he sang and drummed over for a super high-energy solo act. Moral of this WENT THERE story is, no matter what instruments you’re using, if you keep it interesting and play your heart out, we may all have a good time.

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