This article was originally published in Boston Compass #60 (January ’15).



PRESKOOL DROPOUTS is making shaven headlines, as is the new NEVER WAS TURNED HAS BEEN zine which I have yet to actually see a copy of. NEGATIVE INSIGHTSs follow up issue has far surpassed the Punk scenes expectations, though is exactly what I would expect from the minds behind this project, and it includes a studio outtake ep from CHAOS UK. Video Filth’s demo is out now and features the best Boston Crust vocals since Disrupt. Sadist/L.O.T.I.O.N. USB dangler earrings are out now. Punk is Hell.
Top Ten of 2014 in complete disorder Blazing Eye tapes, ep and live at Labyrinth, Anasazi live at Labyrinth, Boston Strangler at the Boiler Room and everything else at the Boiler Room, Meatbag, Poikkeus live, 1984 live, Stranger, Tom and Boot Boys gig even considering I mostly only saw The Unseen and August Spies, L.O.T.I.O.N. demos, Schizophasia “5000” lp.
Members: We have Kevin on guitar, Jack on bass, Brady on drums, and I’m singing. (Mark)
Influences: Criminal Class / Mau Maus / Skeptix / Blitz / Motorhead / Violators
Lyrical Content: Some examples: The need for the Death With Dignity law, cops killing cops (the country watching Chris Dorner get burned alive in a cabin), and the ever growing expansion of colleges/student population in our city.
Releases: A demo which has been out for a while now.
Future: Should be an LP in the not so distant future.
Closing Statement: You can send all hate mail to 16 Chilcott Pl # 3 Boston Ma, 02130
R.I.P. Michael Brown, R.I.P. Eric Garner R.I.P. Countless Victims
All Power To The People
March To The War Beat


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