ProSwervez – Club Glitter Vol. 1

'Paradise Garage, Danceteria, Studio 54, Club 57'


ProSwervez · ✨CLUB GLITTER VOL.1✨

I, like all of us, have spent 2020 in search of a singular vibe. In a desolate Boston soundscape, ProSwervez emerges with a 30 minute DJ set that can make you believe that Places exist again. Club Glitter Vol. 1 (which I hope is one of many in a series) is a standout solo set from the Ill Addicts producer. You can read way more about Ill Addicts from Chris’s interview last year and you should definitely check out the album they just put out. For now though, the focus is on their beats guy. There’s no denying the power that ProSwervez brings to the group, as made apparent by this set.  

Ill Addicts

Club Glitter Vol. 1 starts with a Microsoft keystroke style baseline before devolving into more popular dancehall tracks, like Drake’s Get it Together and a club remix of Frank Ocean’s Cayendo. The mix flows seamlessly through today’s tracks and slowly approaches trippier, old-style club jams, like Parallel Dance Ensemble’s Juices and a slowed version of Lil Cease’s verse from Crush on You, which is personally my favorite bit of the whole mix. The conclusion of Club Glitter Vol. 1 will make you miss the party like nothing else – a cut-up 212, a staple of today’s scene, carries the set through its end. 

Pro has hit the mark in sourcing the 80s NYC club scene for his debut club set. If The Pyramid could open in 2020, they could sure spin this set for a night. We know we slept on Club Glitter for a second (, but we’re here for it now, and we’re hoping you are too. Here’s to more Club Glitters in 2021 and beyond, when we can bump it in a real live space.

Check out more Pro-produced tracks and support the Boston hip-hop scene, which, honestly, these guys are starting to write.

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