Give minimal techno bass-in-the-hole CONTAINER 15 minutes with a PA system in a basement full of freaks and you will have yourself an instant rave. But this won’t be the shitty rave you might imagine when you hear the word rave. This rave will be a party, a party in which the music is propelling your mind to the furthest reaches of what dance music can and should be. This is what Container does: he pushes the techno envelope so hard in every direction you are left with only the most carefully selected building blocks of what makes electronic dance music so awesome and powerful. This beloved brother of the Boston underground recently relocated to Providence, RI and we couldn’t be happier to have him in the region. His 2nd LP, literally his second record entitled “LP“, is dropping on revered Cleveland label Spectrum Spool at the end of November. With any luck he’ll have some advanced copies available at HG4.. but hey, we’re not promising anything.. Just go to the fest on November 2nd and rejoice in the opportunity to witness this experimental electronic innovator sandwiched between garage rock space explorer Dan Melchior and truly dank psych rock wank Purling Hiss. Oooohh yesssss. Guarantee your entry, support the Boston Hassle Fest and get sweet swag by donating to the Kickstarter HERE. More on Container from Boston Hassle.

HOMEGROWN 4: BOSTON HASSLE FEST is happening on November 2nd and 3rd @ the Cambridge Elks Lodge @ 55 Bishop Allen Drive, Central Sq., Cambridge, MA.

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