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Huntington Ave. 2fer


Museum of Fine Arts

465 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA


Punter’s Pub

450 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA


Bless’d be the art. Whether we’re talking vaporwave, Tom Petty, or 1000 pianos being tuned simultaneously at the B.S.O (that’s it?) it’s wicked based to remember that even frat boys have some taste & wisdom to impart—that is to say; don’t forget the whole spectrum. So g’head and get out of that moldy basement and get to the Museum of Fine Arts, or “MFA” (free for everyone Wednesdays after 4 & all the time for lots of local college students w/ID). Established s*** can be cool and the MFA is both. Even homegrown Bostonians gotta quit putting this one off. NOTE: Not “for tourists.” So go see something physical & “fine.” If you’re like some of us & like to have drinks with your art, any art, then afterwards (or before . . . who cares anymore?) head across Huntington to Punters Pub. Later on, this spot fills up with Northeastern kids with . . . taste & wisdom to impart, but while the sun is still out, the stained glass windows will remind you where God really lives. A little window into the pizza shop next door provides you with the body & the blood comes in the form of $8 Rolling Rock pitchers—the pool table is uneven, the darts are small, and the guy pouring beers is mean. Hallelujah! Green Line E train to the Museum of Fine Arts stop, or the Orange Line to Ruggles. Or ride your bike, it’s fall. -James Coarse



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