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Places You Can Hang: Boslab


Ever dream of finding out what’s really going on in that wild old sourdough starter in your fridge, or what makes your body odor different from your friends’? Or are you just wondering about what the hell they do in biotech labs, for real?

Just outside of Davis square, there’s a place where you can explore all your micro- and molecular bio-wonderings. BosLab and their crew of underground researchers run a space where anyone can do experiments. Membership fees are reasonable and access is, well, accessible. Don’t know much about biology? Never worked in a lab? They have a cache of resources to help you catch up, and attendants are on hand to help you with getting the hang of operating in a laboratory.

Their setup has everything you need to explore real research questions in biology. The staff takes care of all the equipment and basic lab supplies you’ll go through while you’re investigating. If you need anything special, they’ll help you with ordering it. No hassling with permits or figuring out where you get these things from. If you don’t even know where to start, there are always group projects that need more hands.

If research projects aren’t your thing, or if you already work in the field and don’t want to do the same thing on the weekends, BosLab always needs volunteers. Their org is always looking for people who want to help in their mission of bringing molecular biology to the people, from teaching labs to administrative work or event coordination.

Clara Messina


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