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Places You Can Hang: Pink Noise Studios


Tucked away in a brick annex of Somerville lies the best kept secret of the local art’s scene. Pink Noise Studios has the perfect balance of whimsical with a DIY twist. It’s iconic pink walls and colorful murals are freckled with framed concert posters and old set lists from the dozens of local bands that are connected to the space and I swear, behind every corner there is a different vintage organ just waiting to be played.

Pink Noise Studios was founded in 2014 and was re-named in 2017 by Dan Thorn who currently manages the space. Pink Noise is equipped with a mixing station, a spacious vocal booth, and a large performance room that is perfect for tracking full bands. What initially was a passion project of Thorn’s, has grown into a robust community space that is home to dozens of local creatives. By day, the space is used as a recording and mixing space for producers and engineers, by night the space is buzzing with diverse musicians practicing their crafts.

In recent years, the number of venues available to local musicians has dwindled and Pink Noise has responded to this call by hosting monthly shows that often showcase multi-genre line-ups. Pink Noise continues to challenge the framework of a traditional studio, further cementing itself as an integral community resource for the Boston Arts Community. We are excited to open its doors to the Hassle Community on Thursday, December 13th as we celebrate an incredible year of issues at Pink Noise Studios!

-Tory Corless // VQnC

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