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Little is publicly available about Boston’s notorious gay bar, Ramrod. Being involved with organizing events there for the past two years I have done a fair amount of research via the internet and speaking with the more oldschool staff. Whether a result of the increasingly less affordable neighborhood, city officials dictating what are acceptable lifestyles for grown adults, or the changing gay bar scene in general, rest easy, it is no longer the “scary” bustling leather bar it once was. I was told in the beginning I was the only outside promoter that still referred to the club as “Ramrod”. Others opting for the more palatable, Machine, as “Ramrod” apparently scares off straight men, women and the more timid of the queer community. But I assure you, this space is open to all willing to shake off that stigma. Punk Night (Tuesdays) and other events bring out an eclectic crowd. Punks, Skins, Cross Dressers, Hardcores, Metalheads, Goths/etc of all ages(21+), cliques, and neighborhoods. Through Ramrod we have provided an after-party spot for bands ranging from Japan’s ZYANOSE to ALKALINE TRIO. We’ve hosted gigs for touring acts like Sweden’s INFERNOH and BOOM BOOM KID from Argentina, as well as from Boston’s diverse local scene. Whether it’s the LIFE IS POSERS release party, the IGNOREROCK’N’ROLLHEROES record fair, or your friend’s first time DJing as a guest at Boston’s only weekly Punk DJ night, there really is something for all facets of Punk culture and other fringe/outsider communities. If Punk and its related sub-genres isn’t your thing – come out on Thursdays for free Karaoke!

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