Alain Neffe, a Belgian who ran INSANE MUSIC tapes during the 1980s, also made many recordings himself, many falling somewhere within the realm of what is now being called minimal wave(and once would have been called industrial or post-punk I guess). Minimal wave sounds and its offshoots have been receiving wider recognition in recent years with the release of a handful of pretty interesting compilations(most prominently The Minimal Wave Tapes Series out on STONES THROW/MINIMAL WAVE) and here with HUMAN FLESH we have some more for you to absorb. HUMAN FLESH and indeed much of the music tangentially related to it, is the kind of stuff that I sort of knew existed, might have heard at a very weird dance party once or twice, and mostly just wondered from time to time…what was that mystery music? Anyway, HUMAN FLESH has a recording called PRETENDING TO BE PSEUDO CODE from 1982 that has just been reissued by KORM PLASTICS/PLINKITY PLONK. It contains one 40 minute track of simple drum machine patter, droning synthesizers, a never ending flow of strange sounds, occasional post punk guitar screech, a bit of wailing saxaphone, and some angry guy ranting, who very well may have been recruited from a street corner. It is a pretty mesmerizing experience. And if you need to psychotically plot the murder of someone on a sweltering summer day it may just be your perfect sound track. I do not hear people making a racket anything like this today. Plinkity plonk indeed.


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