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Bad news, my trashy babies! The IPCC released a report stating that “urgent and unprecedented” changes are needed to keep global warming below 1.5°C. Any hotter, and we’ll unleash a climate crazier than a dosed dreidel. Many species will face extinction. Those of us who survive will do so on a drastically altered planet. Woof.

Climate change is a huge, urgent problem. It’s easy to say “fuck it, I quit.” Order a six-er of bottled water from California with next-day delivery on (kill the) Amazon (via C02 emissions) Prime. Suck down your sorrows with a 32oz disposable sippy-cup of Dunx’s Sub-Zero Diabetic Delight Latte, feat. Hazelnut Orgy. RESIST THE URGE. If there’s one thing my parents and eight siblings have taught me, it’s that life (and my parents and eight siblings) will hit you, hard, and being a little bitch about it isn’t always an option. Time to act.

The IPCC report confirms that societal change on every level is needed to curb the effects of climate change. And who makes up societies? People! Everyday subterranean freaks like u and me. We can stop buying crap. Reuse things. Compost. Bike, walk. Eat plant-based foods. Cut out plastic. Have fewer children, or adopt. Vote out politicians sponsored by oil.

Learn how to do your part. Go to for more Trash is Tragic—Practical Magic for the zero-waste witch (starring Sandra Bullock)!

Do the work! Love, Mel // @melsmoviemagic

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