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NOVEMBER COMPASS: Places You Can Hang… Garment District


If you have ever had a deep, burning desire to dive waist-deep into a pile of used clothing, inside the belly of a giant pink building and you haven’t been to Garment District, then what the heck are you doing?

Garment District is a staple if you want cheap, amazing, unique clothes or costumes. You can enter as a sleek, business casual person and leave an acid-washed superstar in a matter of minutes. Garment District boasts a large upstairs thrift/vintage area, a costume shop, and a pay-by-the-pound clothing pile. Not to mention, the staff is hip, helpful, and friendly. They literally offer styles for anyone. I was once dragged to a Lady Gaga concert by my friends (which actually turned out to be dope) and in no time I found a bedazzled bra accompanied by alien leggings. So, no matter if you are a mom, cosplayer, desperate wannabe, or indie sweetie Garment District will hook you up!

Aside from picking up your latest worn-out 90’s band tee you can also pick up The Compass at the Garment District! They love us and we love them. It’s a match made in heaven.

In fact, they love us so much that this year, on December 14th, Garment District will be hosting our end of the year “Confront Your Issues” Compass Art Party. It’s going to be a huge celebration of all of the artists who’ve contributed header art to this lovely little publication.

Seriously, if you’ve never been, you are missing out on the clothing opportunity of a lifetime. Get your butt over to Cambridge and be ready to garment dumpster dive. You’ll be happy you did.


—Jamie Davenport



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