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Nick Neuburg’s Top of 2013


Recent NEC graduate Nick Neuburg is soft spoken, sincere, and a true monster on the drums. Nick plays around town in a variety of acts, including the now (sadly) defunct Akyroyd. He’s also an avid supporter of other local merry makers. Here’s a recap of his favorite records and live performances from the past year.

What a great year for music! So many creative and skilled people making music in the world and especially in Boston right now. I feel fortunate to be constantly surrounded by inspiring musicians/people. Thanks!

Here are some physical documents of recorded sound I enjoyed immensely this year. Not all of these were released this year, but most of them were.

Cloud Becomes Your Hand – Flying Clam

Meridian BrothersDesperanza

A handful of Sahel Sounds releases:

Idassane Wallet Mohamed –Issawat

Mdou Moctar- Afelan

Super Onze- Gao

Ryan Power- Identity Picks

Moth Cock- Bremmy CS

Blanche Blanche Blanche– Breaking Mirrors

HorafloraCraterellus Cornucopioides (2012)

White LimoWhoMohw

Also, for an ‘acte of olde’ (as someone somewhere probably has probably said in reference to something, though I’m not sure who): I’ve been checking out the “band” Renaldo and the Loaf for a little minute now, but boy did they give me a lot of sadistically bent fun this 2013. People should listen to all of their albums. It’ll be good therapy for the lot of you.

Also, Bernard Parmegiani died late in the year. I’d say it’s a good time as any to get into his stuff if the name is an unfamiliar one to you

I also spent a lot of time this year consuming live music at various organized sound performance events. Here are some sets that particularly floored me:

Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase @ Bathaus:
Doomsday Student @ Hassle Fest
Id m Theft Able @ some black box theater in Brattleboro, Vermont
Skinny Vinny @ Deep Thoughts:
Jason Lescalleet @ Smokey Bear Cave
Alec Watson, Henry Fraser and Jun Song @ Outpost 186
Quicksails @ Smokey Bear Cave
Suicide Magnets @ AS220
PC Worship @ Discovery Zone

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