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NEWS AND NODS: Hassle Fest Label Sponsors, DBA R.I.P., Toss on Tour, STORYCLUB BOSTON, Hand Tattoos, OUT OF THE BLUE GALLERY RE-OPENS, Ralph White visits (fr Austin), YOU’RE CRAZY (book series), Ride Your Bike!


originally published in the Boston Compass, issue #58 (November 14′)

Cradle The Labels Who Set The Table
THANK YOU to the incredible record labels who make our world go round. These are the organizations who, scraping to get by, represent and propel the bands, scenes and individuals of the underground music realm. The following (and more beyond them, who will be named next month) literally put it all out there. They donated records and gear to us here, to release onto you for FREE ya hear? That’s right, get to Hassle Fest EARLY for an opportunity to grab swag from the bag of NNA, OSR Tapes, Feeding Tube, Northern Spy, Sophomore Lounge, Bufu, Mexican Summer, Dull Tools, Thrill Jockey, Ride The Snake, K Recs, Goner, Underwater Peoples, Crash Symbols, Blood Oath Slumber Party, Faux Pas, Hidden Temple, Not Not Fun, Primordial Sounds, Ride The Snake, Rotted Tooth, Soundway, YLDMIER and more! Go on n support em. Go on! – Sam Potrykus

Death of Death By Audio: Brooklyn DIY Institution Says Peace!
Brooklyn’s Death By Audio, a cultural bastion of the NYC, Northeast and entire USA is closing its doors. Originally home to the audio effects company of the same name, DBA started throwing music and art shows in 2007 and maintaining one of the best underground show situations in the city. It’s hallowed murals, hand-programmed video game consoles, smoky concerts and midsummer shows sans-AC will not be forgotten! From the dust of great DIY venues come more great DIY venues, though it is hard to accept this impermanence comes with our territory. Death By Audio isn’t going quietly and has some incredible lineups in store to close out its legendary run, like on November 5th: Black Pus, Lair, Bugs & Rats and Pampers! – Matt Robidoux

Guerilla Toss Studies Abroad
The Holy Tossers are moving hand over fist, grass over piss-kettle, and blond over bong as they fly hiiigh over the pond to sow their wild oats all about the glorified peninsula that is EUROPE. While you’re unlikely to catch any of their sets in Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, the UK or Czech Republic, they’ve initiated some preparatory measures you may dig on: a new LP “Smack the Brick” is out on Feeding Tube, Gay Disco gets the NNA analog treatment, and some fine wares that have been tied & dyed in every size. Bless ‘em with a “bon voyage” @HASSLE FEST (11/7).  Anthony Richards

Follow the yellow brick road to Storyclub Boston
Once you know how to look at it, a painting or a shoe or even a bench has a story to tell you. My favorite thing just lately is a show called Storyclub Boston. Simple enough, it’s a show for telling stories. Twice a month Ken Green hosts local folks, some of whom have been on stage a lot & some who haven’t. There are stories of all kinds, short & long. A good one might make you snicker or just feel warm all over. One show is at Improv Boston (40 Prospect St., Central Square) at the beginning of the month on a Thursday & one is at the Milky Way Lounge (284 Amory St., Jamaica Plain) at the end of the month on a Monday. They’re both at 6:30 PM & over by 8:00. There’s even an open mic, so you can show up & tell a story of your own. There are themes & little videos & all sorts of extras. So, what’s your story? Dates can be found at anytime, and there are always flyers at Weirdo too. – Angela Sawyer

Hand Tattoos For Everyone. Visit Sad Clown City. You’re Welcome.
Proficient in multiple styles and creative enough to take a list of words and construct an entire sleeve, we are all extremely lucky that Elie Falcon has finally settled back in Boston. Elie is your guy if you want a really weird/embarrassing body part tattooed OR if you want something really weird/embarrassing tattooed on your body part OR if you just want to have the best tattoo in the whole world, he can make that happen. Elie will do anything and he’ll do it fast and well. He’s also very handsome. [email protected] Do something you might regret, Jim. – TV

GRAND OPENING 11/15 for not so out of the blue art Co-op in Central
For those not in the know, Central Sq’s long standing Out of the Blue Gallery lost it’s home due to the neverending local trend of drastic rent increases. Should be a crime…wait, isn’t it? Gallery owner TOM TIPTON joined forces with HOPE ZIMMERMAN to sow the hardened grave of Blockbuster and bask in the bounty of a brand new art Co-op: OUT OF THE BLUE TOO – ART GALLERY & MORE @541 Mass Ave. We’re talkin’ regular art/craft fairs, readings, classes, workshops, tons of programming for kids and soon enough all-ages shows. Space is sacred and this one’s grand opening is 11/15 11am-9pm. For more information check out the Art Blast on pg 2! – CEEK

Deep Folkie Ralph White Is Back Up North, Suggesting A Change In Step
Austin, Texas avant-garde folk musician, voracious tour reader and tea drinker Ralph E. White is back on Feeding Tube Records for a second vinyl release. “Waltz Don’t Run”, comprised of all waltzes, ranges from nature waltz, traditional waltz to politico-waltz, like the “Wendy Davis Waltz”. White is a maverick even in the strange plains of Austin, as steeped in Bluegrass as he is in African and Cajun musical tradition and well versed on banjo, kalimba, guitar and voice, at least two at a time. Picked by Feeding Tube for reissue from a recent trio of CD-Rs, this Ralph album is a treat. Grip at and see him live with (New England) Patriots vocalist/Laughable Recordings proprietor Colby Nathan for a slew of upcoming regional dates including 11/15 at Whitehaus in JP. – Matt Robidoux

You’re Crazy – True Stories From The Punk Scene
“You’re Crazy” is an ongoing series of books featuring first-hand accounts of punk rockers who deal with mental health struggles, addiction and trauma. Volume One has 27 stories from around the world. Volume Two is currently in the works and stories are now being collected for Volume Three. Editor Craig Lewis is available to speak in the community about mental health recovery, his life in the punk scene and his struggles and successes in becoming happy, healthy and well. Please go to WWW dot PUNKS IN RECOVERY dot COM for info regarding contributions and to get copies of the books. Support Craig in this radical and impactful project! – Sam Potrykus



FRIDAY 11//7 @ Cuisine en Locale 6pm All Ages $17-20 Sliding Scale
(performance times subject to change)

6.00 Rosie and the Rosies (MA)
6.20 Pigeons (W. MA/NY)
6.40 Particulars (MA)
7.00 Pile (MA)
7.20 Nancy (NYC)
7.40 Burnt Skull (TX)
8.30 Debo Band (MA)
9.00 Inhalants (NYC)
9.30 Nautical Almanac (MD)
10.00 Guerilla Toss (MA)
10.30 Lescalleet/ Drumm duo (ME/IL)
11.00 No Joy (QC)
11.40 Chris Corsano/Bill Orcutt duo (W MA/CA)

FEST EXTENSION AFTER PARTY @ Secret Central Sq Location
Hassle Fest wristband REQUIRED for entry!
1.00am Life Partners (MA)
1.20 IAN (MA)
1.40 Ryan Power (VT)
2.00 Bugs and Rats (MA/PA)
2.30 Hunnie Bunnies (PA)


SATURDAY 11/8th @ Cuisine en Locale 3pm All Ages $17-20 Sliding Scale
(performance times subject to change)

3.00 Pete Negroponte & Fat Bobby duo (MA)
3.20 Couples Counseling (MA)
3.40 Old Wave (MA)
4.00 Colin L Orchestra (NYC/MA)
4.25 Tomboy (MA)
5.05 KTB (MA)
5.25 CE Schneider Topical (NYC)
5.45 Jerry Paper (NYC)

6.10 Junkyard (Adam Dreebs) (NYC)
6.30 Quicksails (IL)
6.50 Khaki Blazer (IL)
7.10 Tredici Bacci (Italia)
7.30 Grizzler (MA)
7.50 Le Trash Can (QC)
8.10 Brandon Seabrook (NYC)
8.30 Horselords (MD)
8.50 Hyrrokin (OH)

9.15 Ben Hersey (W MA)
9.35 Blues Control (NY)
10.05 Bill Orcutt (CA)
10.35 Prostitutes (OH)
11.05 Devin Gary and Ross (w/ Kramer)
11.35 Body/Head (NY/CA)

FEST EXTENSION AFTER PARTY @ Secret Central Sq Location
Hassle Fest wristband REQUIRED for entry!
1.00am Tellavision (GER)
1.20 Homeworld (MA)
1.40 Palberta (NY)
2.00 Free Pizza (MA)
2.30 Downtown Boys (RI)


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