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News and Nods, July 2015


  1. GRCB City Feed Community Day 7/2 & SUMMER SESH SHOWCASE 7/25!

Do you know the next Siouxsie? The next Joan? Then check out GIRLS ROCK CAMPAIGN Boston! This righteous volunteer-led nonprofit helps young women ages 8-17 build confidence and express themselves through music. Over a week, girls learn to play, form bands, and write and perform original songs LIVE at the end of the week. SUMMER SESSION #1 begins July 20th with a showcase @Brighton Music Hall 7/25. Support this awesome org by scoping the showcase and by buying fresh goods at CITY FEED AND SUPPLY on 7/2 when 7% of all proceeds go to support GRCB! This summer truly rocks – Emma D



Ballroom dancing is one of the gender-normativiest activities out there: men lead, women walk backwards, and so on. QUEER TANGO BOSTON reminds us that it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re into tangoing, or want to learn to tango, but could do without all the heteronormativity and cissexism, you’ll want to stop by the Democracy Center in Cambridge on Mondays at 7:30 PM. There are relatively affordable lessons for beginners and a space to practice into the evening. Stop by on July 7 for the open house and a free class! We all know it takes two, but tangoing doesn’t have to be so binary. – Josie Grove



Hollywood might have the money, the distribution, and the star power, but they’re still sorely lacking when it comes to giving voice to the voiceless. In that interest, Boston Hassle and Under the Underground, the first in a series of screenings of film and video work by local artists outside the white/male/heterosexual mainstream. Screenings will be followed by performances by Alyssa Kai and other local musicians. Doors open Friday, July 10, at 9:00PM, at Out of the Blue Too Art Gallery in Cambridge. Admission is a $5-$10 sliding scale, along with a respectful and supportive attitude. – Oscar Goff



If you’re like me, you’ve resorted to looking for noise in all the wrong places: AM radio, heated conversations with telemarketers, and relentless sliding of nails on a chalkboard. But the grit, and the decibel levels of these don’t cut it. Luckily, the Hassle’s ongoing series, SCORCHED EAR, has made the search much easier. This series is fully dedicated to the heavy & loud, bringing bands together from every corner of the underworld. Join us Friday 7/17 w/ Sissy Spacek, Eaten, Vehement Caress, Mayor Daley, Sediment Club, Negative One and more @Elks Lodge 7:30pm All Ages $10-$15 sliding scale. It is sure to offer that delicious punishment you are after. – Rey De La Fuenta


  1. Happy 6th Birthday KLYAM! 6th Anniversary Party 7/1 @Mid East

Kids Like You and Me (KLYAM) is one of the most reliably fun labels and resources in Boston. If most bands operate on the X,Y coordinate plane, then KLYAM artists add a third axis which we could call the “bounce” axis, emblematic of a certain head-nodding, hip-shaking verve. This is true of even of the heavier bands on the label. KLYAM began its lifetime during the pits of the Great Fuzz Recession of 2009. Now, with their 6th anniversary show 7/1 @Middle East (up), they celebrate the vitality of the movement and the reversed future of the local fuzz economy. Whether the folks of KYLAM are employed I can’t say for sure, but they are definitely doing their job. And we thank them. – Pete Steele


  1. JP Porchfest Is Back! 7/11 @ Everywhere (JP)

The arrival of Summer brings warm weather and the humming of a/c units in neighborhood windows. You might even notice an abundance of residents hanging out with friends and family on their porches. That summertime tradition will soon serve another purpose, as at least 72 porches in JP turn into stages. JP Porchfest will celebrate its second year Saturday 7/11 from Noon-6pm. Whether you make a day out of it or just pass on by, you can enjoy the sound of music, spoken word, storytelling, theater and more fill the air of this vibrant neighborhood. Details at -Ethan Long


7.♥¤*°.¸¸.•°Boston’s Sweety’s♥¤*°.¸¸.•`♥♥¤*°

Sweety’s is a radical curatorial platform that prioritizes and promotes creatives of color. Run by Julia Pimes Mata, Bryan Rodriguez, Ximena Izquierdo Ugaz and Eduardo Restrepo Castaño, these sweeties’ goal is to make a home for marginalized makers through flexible programming that blurs the lines between formal and informal. How fucking sick is that tho!? You can catch Sweety’s Radio (live monthly podcast) in the final stretch of their residency in sübSamsøn (@ Samsøn Projects on Harrison Ave, DOWNSTAIRS) @ SoWA’s First Friday on 7/10, around 6:30p, and head over to + check out previous podcasts, sets by DJ Eartha Clit, upcoming events and more. Stay woke. -XXXO GG


  1. MAKE SHIFT Boston: South End Coop Co-Working Space Seeks New Members!

Are you an artist without a studio, a writer without a desk, an activist without a place to gather your peeps? Make Shift Boston is looking for new members —people like you! We’re a cooperatively-run workspace centrally located at 549 Columbus Ave. We’re also a gathering, community and events space. Members are a diverse cast of artists, activists, and creative types from across disciplines. Sliding-scale dues get you access to the perfect spot to work, party, or hatch your next creative business idea. Find out more about our membership options at – Jonah Rapino


  1. Weird/ Exp. HIP HOP, METAL, & GRAFFITI Content Advisors/ Contributors WANTED

In our continuing mission to highlight the various potent aspects of underground culture here in Boston, New England, as well as nationally/ internationally, we are actively seeking the help of those more knowledgeable than we about the above mentioned areas of underground culture. Help us develop content and eventually more for each and help us to better cover and understand the amazing things that are happening in the wild spheres of exp. hip hop, metal (of all kinds and makes), and graffiti (we so NEED to point some cameras at the awesome local work that is happening). [email protected] – Dan Shea

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