(NEW ENGLAND) PATRIOTS Spring Tour Commences


Take a humungous, piercing guit riff, a midpoint-mental noisey vocal surge and some low-down, make you frown beat keeping and you’ve got yourself the distinct squawk of (New England) Patriots. This gang is made up of some of the most active members in our bomb musical community. Besides having such a rad sound, touring relentlessly and always feeding the beast with new material these dudes run a record label, local record distro and are affiliated with other sick bands to boot. Do gooders. Goo doers.

Anyway they got their new Split 12″ record with Skimask, brand new split tape with Palberta (!!!) and complete discography CD to pedal across the states and they are indeed going all over. This tour is nearly a month long, reaching as far as NC, TX, IL and everywhere in between. Including Lobersterfest in Ohio among the likes of Black Dice, Horse Lords, DEERHOOF, Toupee, Buck Gooter, Celestial Shore and so many more.

So tell your outta town Facebook Friends to go out and support em, get to know em and if they’re feeling like a freak, plan a pilgrimage up to the PATS native cradle – New England has the densest population of freaks in the world, come explore it.

RSVP HERE and check out dates below:

4/10 – New Brunswick, NJ @ The Ranch

4/11 – Charlottesville, VA – @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar,(w/ Buck Gooter, Golden Glasses)

4/12 – Durham, NC @ Fellowship Hall

4/13 – Asheville, NC @ The Odditorium

4/14 – Nashville, TN – @ The Other Basement w/ Watcher & Rusty Shackleford –

4/15 – Birmingham, AL @ Firehouse

4/16 – New Orleans, LA @ The Mushroom (w/ Curved Dog)

4/17 – Houston, TX @ the Doctor’s Office

4/18 – Austin, TX @ Dave’s house (w/ Ralph White)

4/19 – Austin, TX @ the Hole (w/ Daniel Francis Doyle)

4/20 – Denton, TX @ Macaroni Island (w/ Bukkake Moms, Slackbeat, Ulnae, Bruce Hacked) –

4/21 – Kansas City, MO – @Mini Bar (w/ All Blood, Wayne Pain & the Shit Stains)

4/22 – St. Louis, MO – @ Cafe Ventana (w/ Skarekrau Radio, Braining)

4/23- Chicago, IL – @ Wally’s World (w/ Wishgift)

4/24- Ann arbor, MI @ some warehouse

4/25 – Detroit, MI – @ Black Lodge

4/26 – Athens, OH *LOBSTERFEST* @ the Smiling Skull (w/ Toupee)

4/27 – Harrisonburg, VA @ Crayola house

4/28 – Kutztown PA – @ Rat Milk (w/ Ghost Dad, Shrouded Traveler)

4/29 – Bard College

4/30- Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio (w/ Nancy, Big French, Bugs and Rats, Skimask)

5/1- Meridan, CT – @ Superpostion (w/ Ovlov, Dungeon Jungle)

5/2- Western, MA @ Western MA….help?

5/3- Burlington, VT @ – *Waking Windows Festival*-

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